USB Joystick not working

Device: Samsung Tab s8 Ultra
Operating system: Android
USB Device: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

Hello, Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but the simulator is not letting me map out my flight controls. I have done the usual troubleshooting steps, as explained in the guide, yet none of those methods seem to be working. The device works with other applications as usual.

Thank you guys for all of your hard work and dedication!!! The new update looks fantastic!!

Hi, just to confirm are you using a program such as Map Connect?

Hello! This likely due to the new update as the devs probably need to get new API’s (I’m not an expert at this so don’t trust what I say please), it should be fixed soon :)


No, I have my device plugged directly into my device, as i have always had it.

Thanks a lot!! I shall be patient.

That’s only for iOS. If you have Android, you can directly plug it in and play.

In this case, OP has an Android device, so he doesn’t need to download any external programs.


Can you configure the keyboard in the commands?

No, i am unable to configure anything. The app. Detects all of my devices, but nothing can be configured.

I also can’t configure anything from Android and OTG. @schyllberg, do you know if he will be able to have a solution soon?


I’ve just brought it up internally for further investigation. I’ll let you know as soon as I know something :)


Thanks! :)

Thank you so much!!

Hello All. Just to throw myself in there. Im having the same issue with my Samsung Tab7. It detects my Extreme pro but wont allow me to map anything. Completely useless at this point.

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We’re finalizing the hotfix now and hopefully we should be able to send something out soon!


I have a hotas x and a ds4 and the game recognise both controllers but I can’t configure buttons or axes on either 1.

Any updates about the joystick problem??

@chand_danish they’re working on a hotfix, hopefully should be fixed soon


Hotfix is rolling out!

Hey folks! (@here)

We are rolling out a hotfix for this issue now. You should get the update (23.2.1) on Google Play today at some point.

Thanks for your patience as we investigated and fixed this issue. We’re also working on some longer-term joystick support improvements which should come in the next update :)


Great job everyone on the team, now it works fine as before, thanks for this great update!

This is really cool stuff, I can’t wait to try this support.

Saludos! :)

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Thank you guys. We’re back in the air