USAviation1’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED][PRACTICAL PASSED] @ N/A

SERVER: training


Airport: EGLL

Come swing by and have some fun! Cookie to whoever comes! Thanks!

Hi there,

Great to see you are doing radar training! Awesome thread! However, busy airports such as EGLL are not recommended for tracking threads as there are lots of trolls. Would love to stop by though!

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Ok. I’ve actually been in radar training since December but am trying to get some training on the side. I’ll avoid EGLL from now on and I’d be glad if you came. I’m not controlling anymore today but I might tomorrow later in the day.

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Also: I am not IFATC, but I believe that IFATC is not permitted to control on training server. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

If I understood you correctly, we are only allowed to control on the training server with our trainer’s permission and if you get into ifatc then you can control on the expert server. Ground and tower with local qualification and approach, departure, and center with radar qualification

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Awesome, I apologize for the miscommunication! just want to be sure we are following all rules as I would hate for you to get in trouble. 😊

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It’s alright. Have a good day!

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Same to you, best of luck.

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You do need to tag your trainer in the first post and remark their approval has been given.

I already asked Danish before for permission and he approved