Usage of wide body aircrafts on domestic routes

Have noticed that Air India uses its 777’s and 787’s on domestic routes sometimes.Am wondering whether it is feasible and profitable to use such planes for domestic routes.


Yes it is if the demand is really high just like how Japan has the 747-400D and the ME3 airlines have A340s for really short haul trips


They do? I thought they use their A320 family fleet for that… They also have ATRs right?

Cathy Pacific effectively fly domestic routes from HK into China on B777 on some routes. Once spent 2hrs at HK waiting for clearance for an a 1.5hr flight!

Also if it’s a brand new aircraft they might be using it for training of aircrews on domestic routes before going long haul.

Politically, it is domestic… Technically, it isn’t domestic :)

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You just offended a lot of Hong Kong people with that statement. Those flights are legally kinda sorta not really domestic. Politically, they’re international/it’s complicated.

Actually I would have offended more Mainland Chinese than Hong Kongers for I know why they started with the Umbrella campaign.

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Maybe a good idea to clear this up elsewhere, not a place for politically contentious discussion :)

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Always a good place to do so somewhere else!

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Is a great idea to do it elsewhere :)

Yeah AI has A320’s and A321’s but they use the 777 on the BOM-AMD route and the 787 on the BOM-CCU and BOM-DEL route. The ATRs are with Al’s Regional wing which mainly operates in small cities and towns.

Apart from the above, this is quite common in Japan and the US (both mainland and on Hawaii routes).

One special point to take note is that Japan has a specialized 747-400D (D for Domestic) fleet… which is really quite an interesting thing!

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Lol that my friend is not domestic… You want domestic? Ok… WSSS - WSAP anyone? xD jkjk


Lol I misread it :p (Human makes mistakes sometimes, But I Often make mistakes :p)

WSSS-WSAP even doesn’t take till 5 minutes unless you do patterns ;)
WSSS-WMKK is a domestic route if you lived on SG around 1963-1965 (Exactly when Singapore is still a part of Malaysia) :p

Some examples that I can give is Garuda Indonesia, They operate A330-200 or even -300 on CGK-DPS route. Though sometimes, A332 usually can be used on Last-minute swap on CGK-KNO and CGK-UPG (I saw it once)

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I doubt it’s 5 minutes lol you still have to loop around for the final approach

LOL are you talking about the WSSS-WSAP trip or the WSSS-WMKK trip?

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Oh, sorry withdrawn (again) :p
I thought you’re talking about my home airport (And I thought it’s “Nearest Airport” Thread, I’m in drunk literally lol)

Domestic versions of the 747 doesn’t have winglets or galleys on the upper deck. More space for passengers.

Sometimes it’s not and for whatever reason they continue to do it for example they were using a A340-600 for the short haul flight Madrid-London Heathrow and the plane would never been full but recently they have changed it to a A320, that shows how low the demand really was.maybe they never had another aircraft and we’re waiting for another one to be delivered