Usage of various airport charts in IF

Hi everyone!!
If this doesn’t belong in this category someone can definitely move it, but I was wondering how you guys find all the various fixes needed for approaches and STAR’s for example in IF because I find it very hard to do so. Just looking to see if anyone has a special trick.

EDIT: Sorry if I confused anyone but I have already found the charts I just need help finding those same fixes in IF since we can’t search for them.


Many sources… as well as


For me, it is guesstimating based on the position of the fix relative to the airport I am approaching. So if the fix is east of the airport, I scan the various fixed to the east at the distance I believe the fix is from the airport.

  1. Go to
  2. Search the route
  3. Copy the route flown by a real flight
  4. Paste route into
  5. Follow route and add the fixes etc to your IF flight plan

This is the a pretty solid way that I have found to file realistic flight plans relatively easily. will also generate flight plans that you can then copy into IF in sort of the same manner as above.


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