Usage Of Trim During Cruise

Hi IFC, my problem involves the 777-300ER, bobbing at cruise, and trim usage.

Should one be using trim during cruise, especially when there are strong winds and the 777-300ER is struggling to maintain its set altitude?

Please, anything will help.

I really hope you’re asking about this in terms of the app, and not of a real life wide body XD If an aircraft is “struggling to keep its set altitude” as you say, it might be useful to observe the load of your aircraft, your vertical speed, or you may be too slow. Trim is definitely useful, but shouldn’t be used to such an extent.

Check if the weight of your aircraft isn’t too heavy in the aft/forward as this may contribute to such problems. I hope this was helpful :)

cough cough…uhh what about 80% weight?

It’s shouldn’t be too bad, but check to make sure the forward cargo hold -though not to an extensive weight- weighs more than the rear cargo hold? (As the rear has the rear cargo and the fuel load)

Hey there,
It seems like people used to have that problem too. Here is one related that should help you. You can look up for more solutions… I think you should try working with the trim to get the perfect cruise. I hope this helps.

Until the bobbing glitch is fixed- do this.

When you get to your desired cruise altitude, turn off ALT and set VS to 0. It will stabilize. I experience the same bobbing that you experience at cruise when ALT is enabled. This fix keeps me level.

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Well…only one way to find out.

Works pretty well for disabling altitude. Thanks guys! Now I just have to get used to using some trim…


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