Usage of regions

I’ve noticed that a great number of pilots use SoCal, yet not much else. The developers have done an amazing job of creating all these airports, let’s use them all :smile:


Sure, other regions may be great but…

The point of IF Live is that you get to fly with a bunch of other people. If you go to the Oskosh region with 1 or 2 (Or 0) people flying, that kind of defeats the purpose, no? People may feel more inclined to fly in SoCal because it already has an established fan base with scheduled flights happening there very often.

Currently in LiveFlight, this is the player count in the free flight server:

SoCal: 5
San Francisco: 50 (And rising)
Denver: 1
Seattle: 0
Honolulu: 0
Sydney: 1
Singapore: 11
Chicago: 7
Oshkosh: 1
New York: 2
Carolinas: 3
London: 9
Paris: 2
Amsterdam: 5

. All but the California regions and Singapore are kind of empty.

I know it is not the most optimal time to check the loads in each region, but you can see why people are more attracted to California.

Best, Boeing707

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California has nice relief (mountains), ocean, bays, islands, and numerous towered civilian and military airports with long runways. With all that, both the pilots and the controllers find it to be very engaging.


i actually think that w as ATC controller have an opportunity to help promote other regions to the thousands of users on I.F. Regions like SoCal,London,Singapore,Hawaii to some extent can take care of themselves…but i think we should do more to highlight/promote all the other under utilized regions for all the users :airplane:


On the playground, I sat at a Bravo airport as ATC for 1/2 hour and not one flight appeared. Hopefully that changes.

yes i’m really shocked at how the many thousands of users on I.F when you go visit the various regions…they hardly are filled…even for SoCal for the many member either playground/Advance the numbers dont add up…so where are all the thousands of people on I.F

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One thing we can do to increase more flow to other regions could be opening all regions up for transatlantic flights. We can have all connecting routes to other regions can be straight off of google maps so little to no effort will be needed on focusing creating actual routes. (This is all me inferring)

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What I would do if the regions were inter-connected would be easily fly to other regions like from SoCal to Heathrow

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Joining region might only work it terms of more people would be the same SoCal,San Fransico & Seattle. But regions like New York,South Florida,Amsterdam should be filled…i think I.F has over 12K members…so where exactly are they and are they still on I.F or using another flight sim…


Does anybody else got the feeling that Singapore is getting the Socal of the advanced server?

No, not really.

I don’t get what you mean… Rephrase it maybe?

In the last time, we have often more frequencies open in Singapore and Amsterdam or London aren’t used that often anymore.

They’re still used frequently though