Usage Of Gatwick's Runways

You mean a TFR? If we put a TFR above the airport, anyone who violates it at any time will be ghosted. On the Expert Server the NOTAM’s may be changed in the ATIS and the controller has the option to change what runways are in use. So if the controller wants to use the northern runway he can if he wants to, up to him/her.


At IFATC we sometimes try to balance realism and efficiency, however often it doesn’t work out. If there’s only a few planes on ground and inbound, it’s at the controller’s discretion wether they want to use that runway as a taxiway or not. If there’s 20-30 planes on the ground with another 100+ inbound, you best believe we will be using both runways. We appreciate your post, however we may not always be able to go by it.


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No, I know what I mean. A NOTAM that advises ATC on the way the runways work (for training as well). They can then choose which runways they want to use.

We already have that option in our current ATIS system.

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I agree with you. I just suggest notifying pilots and ATC as to how the runways work at EGKK

I don’t understand why this topic had to be made, especially as you know others have been created in the past. We’re way past the intial arguments- this is just silly.

Bottom line- unless it’s made into a taxiway, we’re using both. End of discussion.


No you don’t. You don’t have a NOTAM to ATC which advises them that EGKK is only capable of single runway operations.

This is a forum, not a gospel. I’m raising an opinion which hasn’t been discussed since the introduction of Global. And please don’t call me silly.

Don’t tell us what we can or can’t do with our ATIS.
We put in there the runways that are currently in use for departures and arrivals.

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That’s not what I said. I said you don’t have NOTAMs to ATC.

The discussion ended with the statement above. It’s how we prefer to, and will continue to until the runway is gone.


I’m not against that, as I have repeatedly stressed. I’m suggesting a NOTAM to ATC so that they are aware the airport is supposed to be a single runway operation.

Basically everyone in IFATC is aware of that. But it’s still irrelevant in the end.

If it’s a runway, it will be used as a runway regardless :)


Going through each airport and placing notams or TFR’s is counter productive. ATC will likely know that only one is really used and may utilise that procedure but if it gets busy it will be used as ATC need to be efficient. It’s the same way it works at Heathrow, we use all runways for deps ans landings not just one.

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Please, please, please… Check the post linked above by Rocco and then you will understand why we will keep using the runway whenever we want.

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I was taxiing on that runway but atc was telling me it’s not a taxiway and if only you could say it is a taxiway

You shouldn’t be taxiing on an active runway without permission from ATC.


Okay, we’re not making any progress here.

It’s a runway. Not a taxi way. A runway. And it will be used as a runway.