Usage Of Gatwick's Runways

I am aware this is a duplicate - other topics have been closed. Please can ATC be aware that runway 08L/26R is not used as a runway, but as a taxiway. It isn’t possible for this runway to be used due to the fact it is too close to 08R/26L. It is used as a taxiway! When I taxi down this runway, I don’t appreciate ATC telling me to exit the runway - it isn’t a used runway. Therefore, I ask that the option of using the runway is removed, to eliminate confusion. Gatwick is a single runway airport - the second busiest in the world.

I am aware that 08L/26R is used in emergencies only, but then again, race tracks have been used in emergencies in the past.



It’s used when the other one is closed for maintenance so you are wrong

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Firstly that’s quite rude. It’s used in emergencies only - when one runway is closed.


I apologise, I don’t mean to come across as rude. But the runway is still used just not at the same time


It’s OK. But the runway is only used in exceptional circumstances. For example, it was actually used this morning due to a BA plane making an emergency landing. But for the sake of simplicity, it would perhaps be better if a restriction was placed on the runway?

This topic is closed - as mentioned earlier - and it was from before global, when EGKK was much busier. But either way, there are always long holds at EGKK irl.

Another thing is, IF has unrealistc traffic volumes compared to real life. Controllers will use both runways if necessary to have an efficient traffic flow into the airport and to make their lives easier.


I agree in general but not in this case - I think the traffic into EGKK is unrealistically low. Gatwick is very busy generally.

The fact that it’s closed doesn’t make it any more or less valid. The statement is still true that if the controller decides to use the runway, they can use the runway because it’s marked as a runway.

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We’re talking about the Expert Server when EGKK is a featured airport, it will get very busy.

Have you ever flown from Gatwick in real life? There’s generally a 10-15 minute hold before takeoff. Gatwick has two taxiways for one runway due to the fact that so many aircraft have to hold

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I suppose - but that’s only if they close the other runway. And the Northern Runway is too short to handle some of the aircraft at Gatwick anyway

Louis, as controllers we try to follow realistic procedures but when we have peak traffic we must do anything to have planes land and get off the ground. The runway is available for use, and if it is busy and one runway is overloaded we may use the other runway in necessary.

In IF we want a smooth traffic flow and we don’t want anyone waiting in a 15 minute line just because we would like to follow realistic procedures. Besides, why follow realistic procedures when we have pilots using the “Super” suffix whilst flying a 172, and making 20 hour flights with a single waypoint.


You firstnamed me!

However I understand your point. I think though that there should at least be a NOTAM for it

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There really shouldn’t be, if Gatwik is the FNF airport and we have roughly 100 inbound in one hour in one runway, the controllers would be ripping their hairs out. Two runway operations can make our lives much easier when controlling high volumes of traffic.

The option of having both runways available for use will help us a ton especially in peak traffic situations like in those of FNF.

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I disagree with that - people should at least know that Gatwick is legally only able to be used for single runway operations - however, this rule doesn’t need to be enforced.

Most do not know, most just see two runways and flip a coin and use whichever. Most pilots that play the sim are not in the community or are aware that Gatwik only uses 8R-26L.


Hence why I suggest a NOTAM for it

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Then if we do that, we might as well have the editors remove the runway completely and replace it with a taxiway.

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