USAfrica Airways MD-11

I saw check on the internet for google about the plane company Headquarter in Reston, Virginia the label named USAfrica Airways is a McDonnell Douglas MD-11 has two registrations: N1757A and N1758B keep from American Airlines the schedule June 1994 to February 3, 1995 again back to American Airlines was changing color, too. The flight from Dulles to Johannesburg or Cape Town, South Africa via Cape Verde Islands refueled for the true story.

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USAfrica Airways (American Airlines) (N1758B) MD-11.
Credit Photo from Cornelius Saayman. Mid 1990’s at Cape Town Airport (FACT/CPT).

Please, look at the winglets both also brands paint a copy of the back tail, too.

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Credit Photo from P. Dubois. June 1994 at Johannesburg Airport.
USAfrica Airways (N1758B) MD-11.

I saw the picture the front of nose short cover black.

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US Africa MD-11 at Washington Dulles Airport. May 1994. Posted on Twitter.


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Bumping this amazing livery for this amazing plane!

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