USAFA Graduation and Thunderbirds flyover

In case any of you guys haven’t heard, the USAFA class of 2020 is going to be graduating tomorrow 1 month early due to the coronavirus. However, the thunderbirds will be doing a 1 hour flyover starting at around noon as seen in the pictures below. They will be flying over hospitals and healthcare centers as well as the academy to honor the healthcare workers fighting COVID-19. Congratulations class of 2020! Be sure to post some pictures of the Thunderbirds if any of you guys are able to.


I’m a little surprised they are still doing it…

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@den.aviation go spot

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That’s the plan bud


Also mostly every Denver spotter is gonna spot it as well


I’ll be spotting from my house in Thornton for sure. Their FPL says that they’ll be going right over my house at around 1:30.

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Yeah. It’ll be around my area around 1:35ish

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@MrMrMan 😏


I’ll be able to see them almost perfectly from my house. They’ve been practicing all week and they were sure busy today - always love hearing them tear through the skies!

I am no pro spotter but I’ll see what pics I can get.

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Somebody please take pictures of this for me

That’s interesting that they are doing it early.

I was so excited when I first heard about the thunderbirds flyover! However, I was disappointed to hear that the flyover was staying along the front range. I totally would’ve spotted the aircraft but it just didn’t work out this time. 😕

I’m definitely going to be spotting this in my backyard! They should fly very very close to my house!


If anyone doesn’t already know, the livestream for the graduation is on.


Have the Thunderbirds done their flyover yet cause I’m getting mixed information here. The Air Force academy posted a video of them flying over the academy but that would be about an hour early according to their FPL.

Yes, the graduation ceremony has completed and the officers commissioned. (1:57:00 in the livestream posted above).

Hmm that’s interesting. I didn’t hear anything above my house but I guess they weren’t using afterburner. Oh well. I hope I’ll be one of the commissioning officers for the USAFA class of 2028.

I’m waiting by Cherry Creek Dam, and there’s tons of other people waiting alongside, so I’m wondering what’s up… has it already finished?

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Yeah the livestream ended sometime ago.

Not gonna lie I shed a couple tears at the end.

Hold up the flyover already ended? Or are they behind schedule?

I’m pretty sure it ended.