USAF | TCM-BKF | Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

Hey IFC!
I haven’t flown this plane in a while. And I got bored, so before this I flew Nellis AFB to Edwards AFB to Miramar AFB in the F-16 but I have never done a topic with the C-17 so I thought I should give it a go. And since most people don’t know what airports TCM and BKF are, TCM is McCord AFB in Tacoma Washington and BKF is Buckley AFB in Denver Colorado.
Server: Expert

Callsign: QUINOA
The photos are ready!
The mighty C-17

Blasting out of Mcchord

Mt Rainer off in the distance

Climbing over the cascades

Reached cruise

I wonder what type of cargo these things transport

Descending over the continental divide

Flying past the lovely Denver International Airport

Approaching minimums

Hard landing in BKF

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice to see someone flying the C-17! The C-17 that needs a rework soon 😉. Great photos!


Lots of planes need a rework soon. REAL SOON… #reworkthe757


Damn the C17 I just want a live cocpit in this monstrosity


Probably the best C17 shots I’ve seen. Well done.

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Me likey. The C-17 is a great aircraft to fly (if you can get it off the ground 😂)

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If I saw you in that C17 I would have gotten in one and all hell would have broken loose. -BEEFY4

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@NBSYT Why? Are they just that uncommon or is it that you just love them so much? Or both?

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mmmm when your in GAF it kinda takes over things 😅

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Great photos! I heave never actually seen a C17 Screenshot thread before! To be honest I even forgot it existed! I hope you had a great flight!

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