USAF | Star Wars Canyon | Lockheed Martin F-22

Hey IFC!
This is a very interesting flight. So a little background info, the United States Military uses a canyon in the mountains of Southern California for fighter pilot training. The canyons official name is Rainbow canyon but it’s commonly nicknamed Star Wars Canyon. I have flown down it a lot before this one to get some prior experience with it before having an infinite flight showdown, so let’s hope these look cool!
Server: Expert

Callsign: QUINOA
The photos are ready!
Taking off from Nellis AFB

Climbing over Las Vegas. Hi @IanD, controlling a very quiet KLAS

Reached cruise

Descending back down to find the canyon

Made it to the canyon

Steep turns

Adjusting the daylight so you can see better

Oh man

After 5 runs, climbing back up and returning to Nellis AFB

Safe landing back in Nellis AFB

I hope y’all enjoyed!
Some good footage of this canyon in real life


Beautiful photos! I should really consider flying realistically in the F-22 sometime 😂

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I gotta give that a go, nice

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Great photos! I’ve actually been to Star Wars Canyon in real life, but I didn’t see any fighters. :(

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I think It was closed a year or two ago after an F/A-18 crashed there.

Darn I should’ve posted this photo from the other day it was so good

Afterburner malfunction