USAF f-16 pilot want a pairs flight around socal tonight

I’m looking for an f-16 pilot who has experience flying a fighter to do a pairs flight tonight around so cal 8:00 bst

  • have to have the f-16
    -up to 5 aircraft in formation
    -fly in point formation (bassically the a triangle with no bottom) if 3 or more
  • wing to wing if not
    -reply for an add
    Pilot airforce 1- @Dubai_lights
    Pilot af 2-
    Pilot af 3-
    Pilot af 4-
    Pilot af 5-

It may be advisable to create an event for organisation purposes.
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Thanks for the feedback I didn’t see this as an event

I, however, do see this as an event. Won’t take long to get to T2 don’t worry.