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Having read @Capt_Whiplash recent post on the correct Air Force Call signs for support aircraft rather than the generic “Air Force” as I have been looking for the correct ones when I simulate Air to Air refuel missions (using the RAF Vouager…A330 in generic livery). Quoted Bruce text below, and thank you Sir for your service:


Hi, I’m retired USAF Command Post Controller and some assignments in AMC, including 62AW/CP, 18AF/TACC (Tanker Airlift Control Center) and USTRANSCOM. I’ve done flight following as we in CP call it, the Civilian version would closest be to flight dispatcher

I’m not sure if it’s been asked before but can we get the following AMC Callsigns added?
Reach used by C-17s, C-5s, KC-10s and some C-130s on TACC controlled missions
Sam and Venus for the C-40B aka in game 737-700 BBJ.

Boxer for DC ANG C-40C aka in game B377-BBJ.

USAF doesn’t use the Air Force callsign except Air Force 1/1F, 2/2F and Executive 1/1F, 2/Also maybe some static 130 unit callsigns (none come to mind at the moment without some research.


Happy landings all.

Camber would also be good and can be used with Omni 772s, Atlas Air 744s and some other planes.



Also, I remember Tankers use static Callsigns like “Texaco” when not on a TACC controlled missions for airlift.

Tankers still to this day have strong roots to SAC (Strategic Air Command) and 130s are typically deployed intra-theater airlift “chopped” to the theater command ie CENTCOM

I also found this:

Military Radio Callsign List

There might be some errors for instance the HC-130Js, 91st RQS is KING


Thanks Bruce! I used to work for Chevron and so often use "CVX 25’ as my Call sign for simulated In flight refuelling missions.

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What can make it more confusing? lol Is that AMC pilots would file their flight plans and talk to ATC by using their callsign but we in the command post would call them by their tail number only. I’m assuming it was so aircrew would know whose calling them without looking at their radios (and to know they could ignore us lol) ~ of course we had our own identifier than ATC :)

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This would be good to add realism. Luckily they already have the Navy callsign there so it works for all naval aircraft, Like the C-130 and f-18 but I don’t think people know about the MODEX for navy callsigns that should be used when flying.

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