USAF Callsign

I know I’m gonna get called biased for this. But I feel that infinite flight should add more USAF callsigns, Such as “REACH” and other callsigns. Not just one per plane.


You don’t think nearly 40 callsigns for US government (I see navy, air force, coast guard, etc) aircraft is enough?

As Tyler put it in the topic covering potentially missing callsigns:

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No because it doesn’t help when I’m flying a c17 out of Honolulu. I would use slam. But that Callsign isn’t in the game. 40 isn’t enough if there’s thousands all callsigns the USAF uses.

take a look here, it really is a pain for the devs to have to add this many call signs. maybe 40 is enough for a while.

Unfortunately, the US isn’t the only country with callsigns for their military aircraft. The Devs have far more important things to do than adding thousands of callsigns. Only thing I could suggest: be grateful there are 40 callsigns already, some countries have zero.

REACH is an iconic callsign for AMC its been used in multiple operations and various area of operations globally. We could still keep it at 40 by replacing the duplicate “BOLT” or removing “YUKLA” unless the IF team is hiding an E-3/Boeing 707 from the 962nd AACS somewhere in the sim🤔.

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It needs some attention to clean it up and cover all bases. But its man hours to edit and add.
If someone can do the work , I don’t see why 40 is a hard number. I suggested a few and never saw them.

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Yeah and Gamblers should be added for the f-16s

Especially Reach

No dip. But there is already U.S AMC cargo planes. So why not add reach lol

If more mil callsigns are being added, my vote is with TACO.

Hey all, not to shut you down or anything but many of these callsign are already in a list here Missing Callsign Database - General - Infinite Flight Community
This thread would not be the place to request callsigns. also on the thread linked above, please if you request a callsign, make sure that it isnt already in the data base and please keep to the format provided to keep it clean.

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