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I don’t understand how no one has requested this feature yet. For Infinite Flight to be a proper flight simulator they need to add the tiller for ground steering.

How do pilots know when to lock the front wheel when lining up for ...

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What Is a Tiller?

The Tiller is used to steer the aircraft while on the ground this is like the aircraft’s “Steering wheel” The tiller is almost always on the left side of the cockpit next to the yoke or side stick.

Why We need a Tiller?

It is very unrealistic to steer large aircraft on the ground using the rudder. Infinite flight could make the tiller just like the rudders “RUD” button. This could replace the “RUD” button and only show up while you are on the ground but once you are on the runway the button will swap over to the traditional “RUD” button for rudder control.

Video explaining the tiller.

Thanks, for reading my feature request your vote would be very appreciated.

Is it a bad idea overall? No. However if you want my opinion, I don’t think this is necessary. At most it would just end up being another slider on the already somewhat crowded UI. I think if you wanted to believe that you are using the tiller on the ground the devs could change the name “RUD” to “TLR” on the rudder slider when on the ground and maybe, since in the new planes we have animated buttons, they could animate the tiller movement. But as I said earlier, adding another slider doesn’t seem like the best idea in my mind. Best of luck to you though.

If it sounded like is was being rude or inconsiderate in my post feel free to shoot me a PM as that wasn’t my intention.


Thats what I said when on the ground they should change the rudder to tiller

also I did not find it rude

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I could see that as being a more viable option. The way that I understood your post though was that there would be another slider that comes up when on the ground and then disappears once airborne.

Please vote in the topic linked below that has 27 votes:

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your correct I forgot to say replace the “RUD” button

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