USA3000 Airbus A320

I know this is going to be a bit of an unknown airline to many. USA3000 began operations on December 28th, 2001, and started with one A320. By 2002 they had two aircraft operating charter flights, later a 3rd was added and stationed at Chicago O’Hare. In 2003 the airline began operating scheduled service. The airline grew to 12 aircraft with 2 on seasonal lease from Thomas Cook. During the 2008 crisis the airline took a hit, reducing destinations and its fleet size, by 2011 they only operated 5 A320’s. Its parent company Apple Vacations dissolved the airline, with the last flight on January 30th 2012. It would mean a lot if this made it into Infinite flight as this was the first airline I ever flew on as a kid, had so many memories of this airline.

(Image and info credit to wikipedia)

Thats a very beautiful livery! I just dont have any spare votes (Until the CRJ Update Comes Along)


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