USA007's spotting thread: New Photos

As some of you know I am a part time professional photographer. Most of my expertise are in portraits, landscape, nature, animal, and astrophotography. I invested a few months ago in a new camera and lens to branch out into Plane spotting and finally have arrived home to the US where my gear was waiting. I went for my first spotting trip to Orlando International Airport. This thread with be my spotting thread as i begin flight school in the ATP fast track program in February and will be visiting many airports with my studies and having some apron access to take some photos. This is my first time with plane spotting so in my opinion my photos are not as high quality as my standards are. Also not that these photos are edited for color correction and in some edited for creative purposes.

Airports spotted at so far: KMCO
Camera Gear: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 400mm 5.6L lens

American Airlines B737-800

Delta Air Lines A321-200

JetBlue ERJ-190 Cross section special livery

JetBlue A320-200

Southwest Airlines B737-800

Emirates B777-300ER


Creative edits of Emirates B777-300ER with color saturation removal for all colors except Gold, Red, and Green


You weren’t kidding, these are some amazing photos. I can’t wait to see what else you have.

WOW!!! Those pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!! :)

Wait Emirates goes from Orlando to Dubai, wow lol

If you need any help with editing, just shoot a PM my way.


Yeah brand new service. It’s around 6 months old.


Wow!😮 These photos are amazing!

will do would love a colab some time if you want. I have a month of vacation and looking to travel to other airports


Houston is my city! Just let me know when you’re in town and I would love to spot with you.

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KMKE lots of UPS and southwest sometimes an MD 80 or 717 delta and frontier theres snow in the forecast to!

Me too!!! I’d love to meet up with a fellow community member…other than Jacob 🙄😂

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ooOo geez dont get me started lol

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Cool shots! Although you have a big space to improve, work on the ISO and the brightness, because the shots are bit dark, other than that , well done!

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Great shots!! That Southwest 737-800 is GORGEOUS!!

Any reason why the brightness is so low?

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Awesome shot of Blueprint. That’s my all time favorite livery right there!

I tried re-editing a few of them.


If you’re ever in Denver…

Not the most variety unfortunately, but, there is fantastic other photography that will make it worth while.

Im still learning that is why and had the light metering set to evaluative metering instead of single point metering. I will do better the next.

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Did some more spotting today. Focused today’s selected few on tails. Can you guess the airlines and aircraft?



Southwest, Emirates, American, Delta, Latam Chile.

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