USA vs. Russia vs. China

First of all, let’s look at the best aircraft in these 3 countries (two of which I am from, US and Russia):
-USA: F-22A Raptor, F-35B Lightning II (or F-35C, to be released in 2018).
-Russia: the high class Flankers (Sukhoi Su-34, 35 and 37).
-China: the Shenyang J-15 “Flying Shark” and J-31.

Now I won’t start by saying “Which of these aircraft would win a dogfight?”.
People never answer that sort of question and tell you instead that nobody flies alone.
In that case, let’s imagine entire fleets of these aircraft, each fleet has the same amount of aircraft, let’s say 30.
That would mean that the USA would have 15 F-22A Raptors and 15 F-35B Lightning IIs, Russia would have 10 Su-34s, 10 Su-35s, and 10 Su-37s, and China would have 15 J-15s and 15 J-31s.
Then let’s say that they have turns dogfighting (USA vs. Russia, USA vs. China, Russia vs. China) instead of one big battle.
Who do you think would win such a tournament and what are your arguments?
I know this question is very long because of all the numbers and might even seem weird, but I wanted to be precise with the aircraft models.
Here are my arguments:
-Russia’s planes are more maneuverable.
-USA’s planes are more stealthy.
-Both USA’s and Russia’s planes have approximately same cruising and maximum speed.
-You can’t say that the USA has more planes, we set a precise number for how many are on each side.
-I don’t have any arguments for China, when I see their two planes, I see a Su-27 copy and an F-35A Lightning I copy.


USA because freedom. Also Walmart


I don’t think this topic really serves a purpose. Just my opinion


But in all honesty, I think USA because it’s how you fly the planes. American pilots have better training. This point has been proven by the AVG. Their P-40s were outperformed by the Japanese Zero, yet the racked up enormous amounts of kills against the Japanese. It’s how the planes are flown, not the planes themselves in what makes the difference


This is not a constructive topic.

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Nice comment, but let’s say that the pilots flying are equal.
The WW2 aces were back in WW2, could be the same today.
And I think the Japanese Mitsubishi Zero pilots understood their weakness (I can’t believe a country ever tried to fight the USA) and then started kamikaze, suicide to destroy naval forces.
I will also add that the USA has easier ways to go to battle anywhere in the world, AFBs are stationed worldwide while Russia launches missels from home.
They also only have one Aircraft Carrier.

I agree, it involves discussing military competition, such as weapons and aircraft themselves.
At least it gives us an idea of the greatest warbirds of today.

Mfw much better thrust vectoring and a still highly maneuverable strike aircraft

Mfw supercruise for super long periods of time is there for a reason

Mfw the Chinese haven’t seen any real combat in a long time so their tactics would be terrible by today’s standards

After analyzing all of the proposed details and thoroughly doing my research, I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone not flying an F-22A Raptor or F-35C (really it should be the A since it’s USAF) is killed WELL before they can detect or see the enemy. F-22As are the PREMIER 5th Gen Air Superiority aircraft of today, and for the foreseeable tomorrow as well. Flankers don’t even utilize AESA, they use PESA and the Chinese…let’s not even talk about them.


Can’t forget about In n Out…

Can you just imagine flying along, hearing the middle lock, reacting too sloboom

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Flanker-E: Cheeki Breded

Raptor: Splash One

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Well…you do limit the amount of kills you get after a kamakazi attack in the zero

Cheeki breeki of dead

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You need to describe the battle field and runways

There would be no point in saying “who would win” if all of them have the exact same things. US would win because of superior training and tactics, and you can’t count that out, it’s a critical part of “who would win”

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Cough cough you forgot France.

You forgot Freedom Fries. 🍟


Let’s say that the battle space would take place 10,000 feet above the ground, no weather in particular.
Runways won’t matter, fleets will be at the same altitude when the dogfight starts.

I’ve already heard this argument, and I sort of agree.
One thing that would contradict it is that Russia has planes that can perform the Cobra maneuver.
I am not talking about maneuverability here, I am saying that Russian pilots know how to perform it.
But then, as I told someone else, the aircraft would be flown by pilots of same skill level, preferably high.

Oh, do you mean the Rafale or the Mirage M2000?
Even though France isn’t a world leading country, we could add it to the list just to see.
The Rafale M is agile, but not super maneuverable, like the fact that it can’t perform Pugachev’s Cobra.
I’ve seen the Rafale in real life at the Paris Airshow (2015) and trust me, it was the greatest thing I’ve seen there, great aircraft.
I also think that the Rafale M is just about as fast as USA’s and Russia’s planes.
Along with the Rafale M, we could talk about England and the Eurofighter Tycoon.

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