USA vs Colombia ( FINAL FLIGHT )

Good morning everybody from Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 where my little weekend trip with my friend so she could get her teeth done has now ended and we need no make our way back home. We went to many shopping plazas in the area. Ate a TON of Arepas 🫓 by my Dad’s uncles house whom we had visited during our time here and even had an amazing dessert at Krepes & Waffles on the first night and at first, she didn’t wanna leave until a pretty scary experience last night, after we had gotten some bread from a bakery in a very sketchy area of Cali. She had gotten ROBBED and her Apple Watch stolen but this does have a good ending since the robber was kind of an idiot and did it in front of a police station and was later put in custody and the cop returned the watch to my friend we got lucky there. After that she wanted to go straight to the apartment and go to sleep just to leave this crime city and I don’t blame her. I was sick of the hiding my belongings at intersections especially with all the people on the side so there was NO doubt we were just ready to get back to Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport to fly back home to Miami 🏝️😎 and I was ready to continue my comparison as today we fly the usual American Airlines Boeing 737-800 up to MIA to see if they are better than Avianca so let’s get started!

Flight Info

Origin: Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl 🇨🇴 ( SKCL )
Destination: Miami Intl 🇺🇸 ( KMIA )
Flight Time: 3:08
Boeing 737-800 ( American Airlines )
Server: Expert

After a smooth check in, milkshakes at Ventolini and almost no delay at emigration and security we entered the duty free shop were I looked around and she ended up buying 2 bottles of perfume for a good deal! But anyways, D17 is where our B737-800 is parked after its flight from the 305 🏝️😎 along the side is a Spirit A320 getting ready for its flight to nearby Fort Lauderdale 🏝️🛥️ which despite the troublesome state of Cali, I do wanna try out and I’ll probably do another weekend trip in February after my main trip of the month on Spirit which I’ll share more about later. But our group was called so let’s get onboard!

I was offered a main cabin extra upgrade because of my AA status but it wouldn’t be fair to Avianca since I was in their basic economy product so that’s were I stayed on AA and it wouldn’t be fair to my friend. For starters, the AA seats are more spacious than the AV seats and this their Oasis product which is a bit controversial but still not the worst and I wanted a seat in roughly the same area so I stuck with this one a bit behind the wing which promises good views later but let’s pushback and taxi to Runway 02 for take off!

Our take off from CLO couldn’t have been any smoother, almost calm winds with perfect visibility and no turbulence. The perfect day to go flying! 👍

Now at our cruising altitude of FL360, the crew started coming around with snacks and drinks which we both got biscoff cookies but my friend got a Diet Coke rather than a regular one for me. That’s all we got but this is FREE OF CHARGE where on Avianca we had to pay but they did have more options so idk who winds here but unfortunately the didn’t crack any jokes but they were very social with us. When I got up to use the lavatory they said hello to me and I obviously said hi back and we ended up talking about how AA should expand their routes especially from MIA and they agree with me that a flight from MIA to Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦 was a good idea and even a flight connecting the US’s 🇺🇸 2 tropical states from MIA to Honolulu, Hawaii would be amazing so for this they earn 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ As for IFE like AV, AA don’t offer PTVs in each seat and instead offered streaming entertainment but I didn’t bother since I talked with the crew and my friend pretty much the entire flight.

Leaving Colombia 🇨🇴 behind with very beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean down below! 💙

2 hours into the flight, the sun and began setting just as we were west of Jamaica 🇯🇲 and I told you this seat would provide EPIC views! 🌅🧡

It eventually got more and more dark as we reached Cuba 🇨🇺 and it looked like this just as we were about 5 minutes into our descent as we flew over the Florida Keys and directly above the 7 mile bridge so it was time to reflect into the dark sky outside about this trip and I hate to say this but,

I didn’t enjoy Cali a lot

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel but I wanna go to places where I know I’ll be safe at and be positive I can still dress how I can back home. If I hadn’t come along on this trip, my friend would’ve probably gotten a lot more of her stuff stolen than just the watch and I don’t have much friends and family in Cali. A lot are leaving to better areas and even leaving Colombia 🇨🇴 entirely so for now I guess my ties with Cali are long gone as it’s too dangerous to have a good time. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t ever visit Colombia 🇨🇴 again since I still got people all over the place so I’ll still come back to the motherland just not Cali.

Just like my previous CLO → MIA experience, it is reverse ops and we are landing on the diagonal runway so I get that same close up view of the 305 🏝️😎 and even better


Absolute perfection, this is the life! 😎

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome back to Miami International Airport and the end of this trip and instead of reviewing American, I’ll be going over main areas in each flight and comparing it so first the seat, AA wins this category in my opinion because it wasn’t as tight as AVs and also kinda looked better. For food even though AAs was free, Avianca did offer a better selection of items and they weren’t too expensive either so AV wins here. IFE was pretty much similar but I’ll give the point to American for their more diverse selection and for crews, its definitely American because they were extremely social with us and even made good points during our conversation so the overall winner is


This is all my opinion so please respect it, but who do you think is better? Let me know!

  • Avianca
  • American Airlines
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Despite being the overall champion, Avianca still had the better arrival experience mainly because of passport control 🛂 which did take a while and we did have a lot of agents working so I don’t know why it was slow but it wasn’t the worst thing ever. The Christmas tree 🎄 is unfortunately gone so that’s sad but once again no bags so we went straight to get our car back and went to this Mexican place in Delray Beach for dinner before dropping her off at her home and eventually getting home myself. I’m glad you joined me on this interesting comparison trip and stay tuned for February’s luxurious travel experience to the Canary Islands 🇮🇨 and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋