USA Tour Group Flight!

Welcome to the USA tour!!!

This event will take you around the U.S on flights starting from Boston! We’ll fly to the major U.S cities and small ones that are important (ex: Norfolk cause of the military). The routes will be realese **5 days before the flight ** to give time to be prepared.

There will be **No gate assignments ** for this group flight.

Flight 1 details

JFK-BOS in any JetBlue plane


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Name Ground @JFK-BOS
Name Tower @JFK-BOS
Name Approach @ JFK-BOS
Name Departure @JFK-BOS
Name New york center JFK
Name Boston center BOS

We will be using jetBlue’s terminal for the realistic part


⬇️Who is joining⬇️


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Need people!

looks like you forgot the event function

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If I can do this in the 10+ day time span I’ll do it on Jan 20-22 I think. I’ll prob not come but maybe.

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oh ok, i’ll ping you when we fly

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@member_of_oneworld ill probably use the JetBlue E190 barcode.

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alrigjty use whatever jetblue until the next event in 10 days

@member_of_oneworld I will join

Thanks! im glad to have You!

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Alright that settles it, I’m in

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@member_of_oneworld I might join

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Event bump

Starts tomorrow @9:00AM

Any jetblue plane for JFK-BOS

We also need ATC!!!

sorry i am not able to attend but ill come next maybe

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Event cancelled!

Whoever is joining will be invited to a PM

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