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It’s fine, it was a good call though to take note of the aircraft sizes. Unfortunately I wasn’t in mood to fly GAs and I saw you already have a couple of planes doing patterns so I’ll just stop by next time 😂

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ok sounds good

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This was my 2,585 operation for ATC C:
and just submitted my application to IFATC

yes I have had IF for a long time C:


Awesome! Best of luck with it, hope to see you in IFATC soon.

Thank You So much hope to see you there aswell

ATC Feedback - August 2nd, 2020

Balloonchaser - Cessna 172
TS1 - KMVY @ 1340Z-1355Z

Great work today at Martha’s Vineyard. Tiny airport with an interesting runway layout.


  • 13:45:51 - Balloonchaser, back taxi Runway 15, line up and wait

When aircraft are departing a runway that has a back taxi, the back taxi command isn’t needed. Especially due to these two factors below:

Clearance - With a Takeoff Clearance, aircraft are automaticity cleared to not only takeoff; but back taxi if needed.

Aircraft - Runway 15 is ~3300’. For my Cessna 172, that is more than enough room for a safe takeoff


In the summertime, even with a pressure altitude of sea level, a fully loaded Cessna 172 Skyhawk (2,400 pounds) on a 30-degree Celsius/90-degree Fahrenheit day will require approximately 995 feet of runway to become airborne; it will need 1,810 total feet to clear the FAA’s 50-foot obstacle at the end of the runway. These conditions aren’t exact for Martha’s Vineyard today but they are quite similar

  • 13:46:45 - Balloonchaser, Runway 15, cleared for takeoff, make right traffic

According to KMVY’s published traffic pattern, when using Runway 15, traffic will make Left Traffic as seen below:

Source: Martha’s Vineyard Airport - AIRNAV (

Always try to research your airports procedures prior to opening to obtain as much information as possible for your upcoming session

  • 13:50:29 - N465CR, extend downwind, I’ll call your base

N465CR was already on base to final when you sent this command. You did catch yourself after sending this command but there’s still a learning point to be had here. Here’s the only command that you should’ve sent at this point:

  1. Wait for the aircraft to enter short final and give the aircraft a “Go Around”

  • 13:53:38 - Attention all aircraft, please check current airport restrictions. NOTAM will be enforced by reports

Not good practice. You can’t report on that server - there’s no need to scare new pilots. It accomplishes nothing… Especially when there are no published NOTAMs for your airport.

Overall it seems like you’re learning each time that you open! The best way to learn is by making mistakes and learning from feedback! Congratulations on your achievement and I can’t wait to see you join IFATC somewhere down the line!

Continue to view the ATC User Guide and watching the YouTube tutorials! Best of luck - Jack


All the best! Try to open more, it should help you to ace your written and practical easier.

I wonder why this command is even in the Training Server 😂

@Balloonchaser Thank you so much for your feedback it seems that every time I open that one person with the name of Aviator comes and doesn’t quite listen to cmds. At least he knows how to run the pattern.

I will 100% use Airnav website to get more info

and as for the airport restrictions thingy that was an accident and if I recall I retracted that afterwords

It is the best command in the whole of the list. Many trolls are noobs, right? However I guarantee everyone knows what a report is. You send this when you are being trolled and I guarantee at least half of them will go, because they are scared of being reported even though it is TS and we have no power. This has been the case so many times and is my favourite command.

Good luck on your journey Blake, I hope to be there soon as well!

Cign :)

Really? I’ve never seen happen much before since I don’t fly on the TS.

You are probably not used to it anymore. IFATC probably makes you learn new ways and you forget the awful TS past.

There’s no need to follow the recommended traffic pattern directions. Either left or right traffic can be used. There’s nothing incorrect with using either direction, but the published traffic direction can serve as a guide when planning.

Number 1 and 2 are unnecessary. Aircraft remaining in the pattern are VFR, so they are responsible for spacing, not tower.

Choice number 3 of sending a go around is the only correct choice with aircraft remaining in the pattern, the other choices mentioned would be considered as over-controlling.


ok thank you for this clear up and will note it C:

Hi! Can you please tag me when you are open in the future? @USA_ATC

I am happy to help you out! :)

i will for sure @RoBroStar

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starting if IFACT process C:

what airport should I open next

  • KROA
  • KMVY
  • KLWB

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Suggestion: Congratulations on starting the recruiting process! I would suggest opening airports with 2 parallel runways. If you need suggestions, just ask! :) @USA_ATC




Airport :


Server :

Information About Airport :

Roanoke Reg. Airport, ATIS information Quebec, time 2254 ZULU. Wind 260 at 4, visibility 10, temperature 24, dew point 71. Remarks, No Intersection Departures, See Forum for Details Landing Runway 24, Departing Runway 24. Notams, Event in Progress, Size Restrictions in Effect, You have information Quebec.


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Count me in!

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