USA_ATC's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

@USA_ATC use runway 10…


I can catch it in the time correctly we will get some on 10 @Rhys_V

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what do you mean??

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when there wouldn’t be a plane on final and yall can hop from right dwn to final 10 C and go from there on the next request

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ok next time I’m requesting change rwy 10

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I’ll be back after I eat rq

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Take us one at a time Blake, avoid mistakes.

  • Marine 1 requested a runway change and was cleare to land without a pattern entry. Make sure to always use a pattern entry for inbound aircraft.
  • I requested a Transition and got inbound instructions. Planes that want to perform a transition don´t need to have intentions of landing.
  • A Transition altitude of 3000ft would have been enough.
  • Using Runways that intersect makes it a lot harder for you to keep up with commands.
  • Good “Extend Downwind” call.

Don´t let yourself be muddled by trolls on the TS, just ignore them and continue the good work!

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im sorry everyone my dad was telling me to do things and stuff so thats why I was all messed up my bad :C

Now closed thanks to everyone for coming C:

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thanks so much for you feedback much appreciated

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I was SDV12, and overall, you did a good job.

You are doing a great job with your act, but you need to improve on your pattern management

  1. You told me to execute an immediate takeoff but the next aircraft in line was turning base.
  2. FELIX had no exit runway command
  3. When you sequenced me, you told me that traffic was to follow on final, however, they were on right base.
  4. You sequenced me ‘number 2, traffic to follow is on left base’, when it should’ve been ‘number 3, traffic to follow is on final’
  5. You told M1 to expedite his runway exit, however I was assigned to a different runway and no other traffic was in sight for 19R
  6. My transition would’ve been fine at 2500ft

Overall good job, but using this frequently to practice would help you a lot.

^ very good advice based on today’s session ^
also for your title put “[Closed] @ N/A” rather than "[Closed] @ KTPA

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Not your finest session Blake, you were mixing up your right and lefts, confusing aircraft, giving late clearances and not give us sequences or even pattern entries. You may have been occupied but I cannot stress enough how important it is you analyse your replay, especially after today.

I also must encourage you to use runway 10. Those pattern commands are there for a reason and you can call aircrafts upwind and base to avoid conflicts. Also think about efficiency. I can’t match an A330 speed in a Cub so you can clear me for takeoff straight away to get us out as quickly as possibe. Also the inner aircraft on a pattern always has right of way, you should have cleared me for the option before FELIX. I know you can do better then this Blake and thats why I am disappointed.

With regards to @Rhys_V I only give good advice ;)

Cheers Blake and just remember you can take us as slow as you want but mistakes just cause more mistakes. You have to escape that cycle… Oh and also time to rewatch the perfect test ;)

Cign :)


why should I prioritize 10 instead of having 2 open rw’s like 19R & 19L

I was rly pre occupied today my dad was having me do things and running arround the house had to leave my ipad for 2 min to get the phone

but now it is redemption time with no interruptions hopefully







Myrtle Beach international Airport, ATIS information Juliet, time 21:20 ZULU. Wind 100 at 8, visibility 8, temperature 27, dew point 24. Remarks, No Intersection Departures, Check Forum for Information. Landing Runway 18, Departing Runway 18. Notams, Event in Progress, Expect Delays, Size Restrictions in Effect, You have Information Juliet.


Airport Diagram:

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I will be open for about 1-2 hrs depending on how it goes and if I have to leave

I think I’ll stop by :) do you mind tagging me next time?

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for sure C:

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Thanks, also don’t mind the American A320, I like the IAE engines a lot.

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Do you think i could tag you next time I open?

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