USA Airline Hubs

What about UPS for KSDF? One of the busiest cargo airports in the world.


I don’t think Tampa is a Focus City for JetBlue

Midway is a hub for SW I’m pretty sure…

Tampa is a focus city for Southwest

it is a focus city. Southwest doesnt have hubs.

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American Airlines based in Dallas Texas KDFW

They call them Operating bases but I’m not exactly sure what that means

Delta Airline focus KATL

But so then how do they have Crews at MDW DEN MCO LAX PHX, the crews can’t be in every city SW flies to.

Incorrect. I specified what makes a hub a hub, flights operating only to and from the hub. This is how hubs work. Focus cities are where a lot of point to point to flights eventually connect, but the aircraft can go from one city to another and not even go through a hub. Examples of the model

SOuthwest model, flight starts at KMDW continues to KBNA then flies to KPHX then flies to KPDX. WHile the flight originates at a focus city the aircraft flies a point to point route.

A Hub and spoke model is

Flight starts at KORD then flights to KATL then returns back to KORD then continues on to KLAX. Next day the flight starts at KLAX flies back to KORD then flights KJKF then returns to KORD.

United def fly to JFK

There is a thing called deadheading and a good deal of pilots do it. Pilots dont have to live and operate out of one hub. Another thing done are crew trips. Southwest is a great example of this. Pilot flies aircraft from KMDW to KFLL, then KFLL to KMSY. Pilot reaches mandatory rest. Next day pilot departs pilots from KMSY on to KHOU then on to KPHX and finally to KSAN. Pilot reaches mandatory rest. Final day pilot flies from KSAN to KDEN to KLAS then to KMDW. This is how crew operations essentially work for the most part with point to point airlines.

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Omg thank you finally we will have realistic flights and airlines everywhere what country will you do next please make it New Zealand Southwest Airlines should never fly there unless it’s like the plane from lost looking for the polar bears please also do Ireland i do not think air carabies flys there in 208s.

Thank you for best topic ever.


KCVG is also the largest North American DHL Cargo hub. Just saying 😉


Similar to what @anon99370119 said, thank you so much for making this! I hope people use this often. It will hopefully add realism. It annoys me so much when people take their BA A320s and hop from let’s say KORD-KJFK.

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Add to your list:

KPHL is a focus city for Frontier. Also, UPS is a regional cargo hub for UPS. Spirit was set to slate KPHL as a focus city as well but I can’t track down official word to substantiate this.

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There is not a single airline with a hub at KCLE at the moment, United had just renewed there status of “focus city” here in Cleveland. Spirit and Southwest are also focusing at KCLE.

You should really only have Southwest on KMCI, Spirit only has 5 destinations and Frontier has 6, only 2 are year round, Southwest has 31. If you really wanted to you could add Delta because they are the next airline with most flights.

American Airlines does not use Boston as a hub. It is a major airport that they use however, but not a hub.

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Just to add into the mix, Qantas run a regular service between LAX and JFK. this is a tag on flight from the SYD-LAX flight.