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Oh ok thanks

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Local frequencies at KGRK will be open for the next half hour. Stop by for some additional late night Centex vibes.


You forgot the “let’s discuss” part. Smh.

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Fly your little GA planes right next to the big jets! Come to Phoenix on the Expert server and enjoy full ATC service at the airport and surrounding area. Don’t forget your sunglasses 😎
See you in Phoenix 🛫

New Event Departing from US West soon

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Isn’t that us Center and east?

There is no US center region, KAUS is in the US west region.

Oh my mistake!

Can someone staff my event tomorrow?

Anyone available to control KSAN in 45-55 minutes? If so that would be great… Thanks in advance! 😎

4 arrivals coming

Looking for ATC for an event in late August. Thanks in advance.

Airport: KNKX
3D Buildings : No
Status : Closed
Open Frequencies: Ground, Tower, ATIS

Come practice carrier landings on RWY 24L!

Palm Springs GTS now open!

Come stop by for some patterns

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KPDX IS now open!

3d buildings: no


Frequencies: tower, ground, ATIS

Runways: 28l & 28R

San Francisco International Airport


SFO ATIS Information Papa, Time 0034 Zulu. Winds 270@15kts, Visibility 10SM. Temperature 14, Dew Point 09. Altimeter 3000. Simultaneous Charted Visual Flight Procedures (CVFP) in use. Arrivals expect Visual Approaches 28L, 28R, or as filed. RNAV and ILS Approaches available on request. Landing Runways: 28L, 28R. Departing Runways: 1L, 1R. Runway 28L available on request or as assigned by ATC.

Frequencies Open:

ATIS: 113.70
Ground: 121.80
Tower: 120.50
Departure: 120.90
Approach: 128.32.

Additional NOTAMs:

  • None.

Other Airport Information:

Airport Charts

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PHTO, Hilo International is now open on expert, come fly and enjoy this beautiful new 3D Airport!!