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Airport: KSNA – John-Wayne (Closed)
Open Frequencies: CLOSED
Active Runways: 20R and 20L

Size Restriction: Maximum Aircraft Size B738/A321 due to taxiways and runway length (5700’). Any aircraft larger than this WILL NOT receive a taxi or landing clearance.

Pattern Altitude:
Piston Aircraft - 1,000MSL
TurboProp/TurboJet Aircraft - 1,500MSL

Transition Altitude: 3,000MSL or higher

See ATIS for airfield information

Come stop by for patterns, or perhaps depart VFR and navigate the LAX class bravo. Maybe IFR is more your speed? My personal favorites are the RNAV Z 20R from KLEVR, the full ILS20R approach from SLI, and the FINZZ3 SID :P The choice is yours!

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Thank you for opening. Really cool parallel approach with me and the jet.

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Glad you enjoyed that! :D :D Thank you so much for stopping by!!

We have KASE TGA and APP/DEP open! Terrible weather currently! Would be a challenge to fly the ILS for 15 if anyone is up for it!

I think I’ll try it! I’ll will be departing from DEN shortly

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If anybody has some spare time please control my event 29MAY21 / 2000Z - The Great GA fly out @ KADS

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If you send it to the thread closer to the date of departure I am sure someone would be more than happy to open up.

Hey just wondering if anyone is planning to open KSFO later today? Im around 2hrs away from TOD :)

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KVNY and KSNA are open! Great opportunity to fly some GA around the area, maybe approach will let you fly the LAX transition 👀

IFATC needed at Houston (KIAH), ASAP. A lot of planes inbound and need vectors.

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 2.57.54 PM

Looks like it’s a VA/VO group flight. Considering some of the pilots involved are longtime community members and IFATC members, I think it’ll be fine. Thanks for the concern, though.

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No problem.

Hey everyone just wanted to say that for the next few weeks I’ll be hanging out at KSEA for controlling on the expert server. It’s a really great airport and I think it’s very underrated. There are some great potential routes to fly (LAX CYVR SFO PHNL PHTO BOS JFK MIA to name a few). Just wanted to let everyone know incase you find that LAX and SFO are not staffed. Come on down to Seatac for some great service!


So happy for this! My home airport in my VA is KSEA, so this will be awesome! Seatac is definitely underrated!

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So glad! Cant wait to provide great service for al!

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KSEA is open!

Landing on all 16s
Deps on 16L and 16C
Winds 150 @ 3
All aircraft types allowed and pattern work is allowed (subject to change)

How long do you plan on staying open? And how many weeks, I plan on doing a few long hauls and would love to have ATC in Seattle

I was thinking of doing a Twich livestream today, I was hoping to do KRDM to KIWA in an Allegiant A320, would anyone be willing to possibly staff my departure and arrival?

Is anyone able to Mann ATC stations at KPAE on 22 May 1400Z for my VA and Boeing Virtual’s first event?

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Now open at KSEA

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