US travel ban extended to U.K. and Ireland

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Well, rip BA191

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Well flights from IAD to EGLL are still operating.

For right now… cancellations will start in the coming days I think.

I swear if this cancels my school trip I will rage.


Probably will. The seniors at my school this year were going to Paris, Germany, and London for their senior trip, but…

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Gah dang it.

Dang it! San Jose (SJC/KSJC) to London (LHR/EGLL) would be suspended for a while 😡

There goes our 1 European route

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This is what @MishaCamp said to the other similar topic:

“Thanks for the conversations, everyone. This forum is a great place for sharing ideas and we welcome it within the rules and guidelines that we set.I have closed this for a few reasons. First and foremost is that it is not strictly relevant to aviation, and is more a product of something else entirely. The topic encompasses a wide range of content, and we feel like that is too broad for it to be targeted enough at real-world aviation given the topic title and content. Secondly, this is a sensitive topic right now. There are many opinions and beliefs, and these can come across in a poor light if not considered thoroughly. We want to make sure that this forum is a place for all people to feel welcome and safe. This topic was closed to make sure this is maintained.”

Thanks, everyone!

This might get closed