US Regional Airline Callsigns

Regional airlines in the United States that fly under a major carrier brand still use the call sign of their airline. I wanted to use this forum to explain which callsigns go with the airlines and aircraft.

(Labeled Airline and Plane - Operating Airline/Callsign Airline)

Delta Embraer ERJ-170 - Republic Airlines

United Embraer ERJ-170 - Republic Airlines

Northwest Embraer ERJ-175 - Compass

US Airways Embraer ERJ-175 - Republic Airlines

United Express Bombardier CRJ-200 - SkyWest

United Express Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 - Republic Airlines

Many of the callsigns that go with the regional airlines in this game, actually do not operate the regional aircraft in the game. I hope this was a good and helpful resource!


Alaska flights on a Q400 use a callsign starting in QXE

Most of the regional airlines, in this game are already set up like that though. For your example, you would pick Alaska Horizon as your call sign option

That’s why I picked out the airlines that I did. The others are already self explanatory

Probably best put here?

This isn’t about missing callsigns. It’s an informational page about what callsigns to use with the regional aircraft. There are not missing callsigns


Ok I’m a bit of an idiot lol, didn’t understand. Good to see people helping educate others!

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Skywest airlines I a good one

Actually Shuttle America :)

Actually not the case. Shuttle America merged with Republic and ceased operations earlier this year. :)

Skywest also operates Delta, and American.

The point of this feed is to share which callsign to use with the regional aircraft labeled using the mainline carriers name. There are no American Eagle planes in the game and Skywest does not operate the Delta E-170.

I remember when endeavor air used to be Flagship!
I use to always love listening to ATC and they would say something like: Flagship 3283 Contact Lansing tower on *12.838 gooday! Note not actuall frequency

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