US Navy NASA Protection Force @ KLAX - 271100ZDEC15

Server: Freeflight

Region: Los Angeles Area

Airport: KLAX

Time: 1100Z

NOTAM: I will be flying in the 747-SCA along with someone else who wants to be in a 747SOFIA and we’ll need protection from the trollers on Freeflight, our protection will be 4 fighters. The fighters will have to safely help us land at KEDW RWY17 with out any casualties

First reply will be the 747SOFIA

Other replies will be the fighters

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I’ll be 747 Sofia what day is this on?

Today at 1100pm Zulu

Ok I’ll be there!

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Unless there aren’t enough fighters before 5am Zulu

Who should I invite?

Would you like to join us @Henrik_B, @Nick_Art?

@AR_AR @benny1263 would u guys like to join us

Is this in 18 mins?

Yes 😪 But I’ll change it

I’ll be a fighter F-14

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@JDE1303 and @Justin_Gonzalez what r your callsigns?

DAQNW420. Are you changing the time?

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Yes, I did

Airbus 350

My callsign is Airbus 350, what’s yours

I can also come

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Mine will be shuttle 200 when is this?

I changed it to 1120zpm

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Where are we all parking?