US Government Reaches Deal with Boeing for new B747-8 Air Force One Aircraft

The White House has supposedly reached a deal with Boeing for two new AF1 aircraft, in the B747-8 variant. It will cost the government $3.9 billion, and I could not find an expected completion date unfortunately. (if someone can find, please post below). The program will use aircraft originally made for a former Russian Airline (Transaero) that went out of business a few years ago (the aircraft themselves never left American soil).

(photo credits to Boeing)


It’s great they got the cost reduced. Boeing abuses their position as a government contractor and over priced everything. I reckon the plane will be ready for the next president or for Trump if he gets a second term. The fitting and all the testing of everything will surely take a few years.


I agree with the timing. Boeing will probably need a lot of time to design it since it is most likely still in the preliminary stages (probably very similar to the current AF1, but there are a lot of upgrades most likely, as well as adjusting it for the new 747 variant).


Wow. I suppose for the term in the Whitehouse, “If it ain’t Boeing, it ain’t going”. I wonder why the government are so focused on the tradition of the 747 to their fleet.


It’s a statement. Its the same reason why the president drives a Cadillac. You won’t see him rolling around in a Hyundai ;)

+1 if you get the reference ;)


The aircraft are currently parked at KVCV right now


Everyone always abuses their government contracts to get more money lol

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Love it, it is a Good choice! When wil it be ready?

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Yayyy! My favorite aircraft X Air Force One livery!

I’m glad they are replacing that old 747-200.

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Does anyone know when this 747-8s will enter service?

This article says 2024. Here’s the link -


I think an A380 would be better! Support a struggling plane, and the aircraft has more space! C’mon Trump!

“Outstanding value” at $1.95 billion per plane…

Assuming that 747s are discounted to 60% off list for commercial customers, this represents $1.79 billion of specialist modifications on a plane typically sold for $161 million. This is a much-needed upgrade, but I would love to see what kind of modifications they put in to justify the eye-watering markup.


I had read somewhere awhile back that it would be 10-15 years

Like the President of the US wants to support a foreign company? LOL!


I know but it would be great!

Airbus never tried to win the contract. The only option was Boeing. It’s not feasible for Airbus they said to make 2 A380’s in the US just for one contract as it’s going to cost extreme amounts of money. This is something that’s required by the DOD.


Well make it in the normal place then?

I literally just said that it’s a requirement to make them in the US not in Europe. 😂

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The 747s are used because of their large size and, more importantly, 4 engines. These make it safer in case of malfunction or attack.