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KPIT GTSAD open with @BransonRodriguez

Come stop by or you’re lame. 🙂

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To add on, Pittsburgh will be open for quite some time. Highly recommend starting up a flight to enjoy the steel city and atc.

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All frequencies in Miami are opened by myself and @Shane. Tag along if you dare. 💅


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Airport: KPHL

Time Open: 2021-07-14T17:40:00Z to 2021-07-14T20:00:00Z

Runways in Use:
Departure Runways: 27L, 26
Arrival Runways: 27R, 26
(Runway’s may change)

Featured Event: 14JUL21 / 1800Z - Re-Opening Virtual Borders
I’m controlling for this event^

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All frequencies at KORD are currently open courtesy of myself and @Shane. Drop by, and let’s discuss! 🙂


TXKF tower, ground, Atis, and approach open on expert! Come do a short flight to or from the east coast, depart on a long haul to london in a BA 772, or even fly patterns around the beautiful island!

Edit: visibility decreased, no patterns allowed

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KCLT GTADS is open by myself and @Rhys_V. Drop by and enjoy the event!

Edit: Now closed, thanks all!


Fort Myers, Florida

Airport: KRSW

Time Open: 2021-07-15T18:40:00Z to 2021-07-15T20:00:00Z

Runways in Use:
Departure Runways: 06
Arrival Runways: 06
(Runway’s may change)

Featured Event: 15JUL21 / 1800Z - US East Takeover: The Big 3 (Part 1): American Airlines
I’m controlling for this event ^


Open as TGAS at KHPN. Come fly some patterns in a G/A aircraft, or hop in a local flight from KBDR, KOXC, KHVN, or KDXR! We also have a few great short/medium haul airline routes.


Hello there,it would be great if one of y’all could open JFK right now,Thank You! 😄

KTPA ground, tower, and Atis is open! feel free to come by for patterns

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Baltimore (KBWI) local frequencies are now open! Stop by for some quick patterns or a flight in/out of Baltimore.


Key West Int’l (KEYW) is open on Expert :)

Edit: closed

If only I could fly in, but I’m at work. 😭



San Juan, Puerto Rico (TJSJ)

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (TIST)

Open Frequencies:

St. Thomas @Aviation108
Ground: 121.90
Tower: 118.80
ATIS: 124.00

San Juan @SB110
Ground: 121.90
Tower: 132.05
ATIS: 125.80

Runways In Use:

St. Thomas
Departing: 10
Landing: 10

San Juan
Departing: 08, 10
Landing: 08, 10

Open Time :


Remarks :

  • Aircraft size restrictions at TIST.
  • Pattern work allowed!

Queen Beatrix International Airport (TNCA/AUA)


Open Frequencies:

Ground: 121.60MHz
Tower: 118.00MHz
ATIS: 132.10MHz

Runway In Use:

Departing: 11
Landing: 11

Open Time :

Operating Hours : 2021-07-20T15:35:00Z to 2021-07-20T16:05:00Z

Remarks :


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KATL is open for a bit!

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All frequencies at KDCA are currently opened courtesy of myself and @Shane. Runway 1 and 33 circle to land is in use. Drop by, and let’s discuss!


KFLL Open! Swing by!!

Should be open for a good while :)

KMCO Is open on local! Come and stop by to visit Mickey Mouse ;), or have fun in those big fun parks :)