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Norman Manley International Airport (MKJP/KIN)


Open Frequencies:

Ground: 121.70MHz
Tower: 118.65MHz
ATIS: 127.70MHz

Runway In Use:

Departing: 30
Landing: 30

Open Time :

Operating Hours : 2021-06-29T11:30:00Z to 2021-06-29T12:00:00Z

Remarks :


Norman Manley airport, ATIS information ALPHA, time 1131 ZULU, Wind 340 at 8 Visibility 21, Temperature 27, Dew Point 19, QNH 1015. Landing Runway 30, Departing Runway 30. Advise on initial contact, you have information ALPHA.

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Andrews AFB is now open on Tower and Ground.

Come in to do some pattern work, fly inbound from a mission, or fly out.

Accepting Spitfires

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KMKE Local and Radar is now open

Heavy rain in the area, expect visibility drops at times
Runway 19L/1R, 25L/7R, and 31/13 closed.
19R in use, 25R for GA aircraft only

Expect vectors on dep to first filed waypoint, except the ILS approach unless requested otherwise

I’ll plan on being open for the next few hour

EDIT: Flooding nearby, Closing shortly

Don’t forget, tomorrow at 1800Z, US East is headed to the Midwest in our 4th weekly takeover event!

Hello everyone!

TNCM is open for business, landing/departing rwy 10. I should be open for 45+ minutes, so feel free to stop by! Winds are at 16kts variable, but are essentially right down the runway. All aircraft accepted at this time (Except 74-8 and A380), but be wary of the wind if in a light aircraft!

Hope to see you there!


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Code: KMIA
City: Miami
Country: US

Cool flights you can do:

Closing: Closed
Notams / Remarks: Have fun!

Hey all! i’ve decided to control in Florida!

Airport: KPIE

Active RWY’s: 36 and 22

Frequencies: ATIS, Ground, Tower

Closing Time: 10PM EST(estimated)

Notams: accepting patternwork! caution large jets arriving and departing


KJFK closed

Pattern work:



ATIS, Ground, Tower



Inbound to KCLT from EDDM within 575nm. Will anyone be there?

Toussaint Louverture International Airport (MTPP/PAP)


Open Frequencies:

Tower: 118.30MHz

Runway In Use:

Departing: 10
Landing: 10

Open Time :

Operating Hours : 2021-07-06T06:30:00Z to 2021-07-06T07:00:00Z

Remarks :

ATIS is not available. Please follow the listed runways in use above.


Not applicable.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT)

Open Frequencies:

Tower: @USA_ATC
Ground: @USA_ATC
Approach and Departure: @Andy
Center: @Rhys_V

Runway Usage:

Departing: 18L and 18C
Landing: 18L, 18C, and 18R

Operating Time:

As long as I can ;)

Come and enjoy the new 3D buildings!!!

See you soon!


Hey there everyone!

American Virtual currently has 15 Boeing 757s inbound for TNCM , and we’d really appreciate it if we could get ATC service as this is a tricky airport with its back-taxi procedure, and we’d appreciate it if we could get some professionals to control and help us get on the ground safely.

We’re all currently around 30-90 minutes away.

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you so much @ToasterStroodie for being Tower and Approach for us, we really appreciate it!

This is already more than enough, but if somebody’s free to be ground we’d appreciate it as well!

Thanks again!

I would hop on, except TNCM doesn’t actually have a ground frequency 🤷‍♂️

Good to hear that there is ATC avaliable for you all!

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Oh shoot! I never knew that actually… 🤣😅

Thanks for letting me know, that’ll be all! :)

My first time going there EVER, so I have my excuses 😌

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KDCA now open gts
Edit:now closed

MUHA Open on the local frequencies. Feel free to stob by and visit the beauties of La Havana!

Now closed!

KDCA Local frequencies are now open! Feel free to stop by!

Now closed

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Punta Cana International Airport (MDPC/PUJ)


Open Frequencies:

Ground: 121.90MHz
Tower: 118.30MHz
ATIS: 132.85MHz

Runway In Use:

Departing: 08, 09
Landing: 08, 09

Open Time :

Operating Hours : 2021-07-13T09:35:00Z to 2021-07-13T09:35:00Z

Remarks :


Punta Cana airport, ATIS information ALPHA, time 0947 ZULU, Wind 040 at 5 Visibility 21, Temperature 26, Dew Point 24, QNH 1018. Landing Runways 08 and 09, Departing Runways 08 and 09. Advise on initial contact, you have information ALPHA.

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KDCA 2021-07-13T14:45:00Z2021-07-13T16:00:00Z
Come stop by should be a lot of traffic around 10:30 as there will be an event so try and not to take those gates.
ATIS: when posted