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Great routes and great service. Be sure to join in!


Frequencies are being opened! Come and get it, we have even more airports than originally intended!

BOS, RDU, SRQ, JFK and maybe BWI opening soon!

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Centers and many airports on the East Coast are fully opened!


KPIE is open! come on by for patternwork!

The US-East team for IFATC has made it our priority to staff the events above. Please consider signing up as ATC are planned to staff them. Events for May 15th just opened up to controllers though we expect ATC to be present!

KFLL Ground and Tower is open. Anyone is welcome to come and do some patterns

edit: closed

my home and favorite airport! their social media is quite funny as well ;)

KILM is open for those wanting to head to the beach. Expect service for at least the next two hours (2021-05-10T14:00:00Z2021-05-10T16:00:00Z)

Great CRJ routes from KDCA, KCLT and KATL!

KMYR (Myrtle Beach) is open for all you mini-golf enthusiasts for the next 3 hours-



I see you are still open. Any idea how much longer. Just wanna drop by for GA VFR departure.

I am still open, and will be for some time.


Great, if that’s the case maybe I’ll come back for an arrival too. See you shortly.

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Great service! Thank you for not assuming I would fly a 10 mile final at 80 knots and deny my entry. That is probably the fastest approach I’ve flown in the sr22. Lotta fun.

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No worries. Thanks for coming! -Zach

Can I please get some ATC in Atlanta KATL please? :)

Can I get ATC for KFLL pls? :)

KISP is open!
You can easily find some GA routes in the area or just come for some patterns 2021-05-12T18:50:00Z2021-05-12T19:30:00Z

We are having A group flight around 10 People joining could anyone please provide ATC at KEWR? Thanks

Hey Y’all! Just because I haven’t seen this addressed yet-

This is a tracking topic to be used by controllers to announce openings and planned staffing events. Please don’t use this thread to request services for your flight. If you want a better chance of receiving service, feel free to create an event and tag it with #us-east!

Saturday Session

Every Saturday I’ll be opening KPHL ATIS, Ground, Tower, Approach and Departure from 2021-05-15T16:00:00Z2021-05-15T17:00:00Z. Plan your arrivals/departures for next week!

Open now.