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Curaçao International Airport (TNCC/CUR)


Open Frequencies:

Tower : 132.60MHz

Runway In Use:

Departing : 11
Landing : 11

Open Time :

Operating Hours : 2021-11-29T02:35:00Z to 2021-11-29T03:05:00Z

Remarks :

ATIS is not available. Please follow the listed runways in use above.


Not applicable.

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KCLT GTADS + Center open with @Declan_O! Come and stop by!

Edit: Closed a few hours ago

Florida Takeover!

Me and a few other IFATC controllers are doing a Florida takeover starting now for the next 1-2 hours. Here is the info:

KRSW Local: @ButterAllDay
KMCO Local: @Jshnlsn
KMIA Local: @Z-Tube
KTPA Local: @Canadian_Aviator
Jacksonville and Miami Centers: @Marina

So make sure to stop by at any of these airports you desire, and enjoy the full service!


Howdy Y'all! I have an announcement!


I have joined with some of my favorite controllers to open the buffalo and western-New York Airspace up for y’all!

Local: @PaulJ
Radar: @Michael_Sides1

Come one, come all! Please refrain from using aircraft larger than B747 and A340! Looking forward to seeing y’all in Western New York!


Great news everyone!

Starting now, I am doing a Northeast USA takeover! A bunch of airports will be opened, so go there while you can!

Frequencies that will be open:

New York, Boston, and Washington Centers

KJFK Ground, Tower, ATIS, Approach, and Departure

KEWR Ground, Tower, ATIS, Approach, and Departure

KLGA Ground, Tower, and ATIS

KPHL Ground, Tower, and ATIS

KBOS Ground, Tower, and ATIS

KIAD Ground, Tower, and ATIS

KBWI Ground, Tower, and ATIS

KDCA Ground, Tower, and ATIS

KBUF Ground, Tower, ATIS, Approach, and Departure

Make sure to stop by, don’t miss out on this great selection of ATC staffed airports!