US Custom and Border Protection Bombardier DHC-8-200

Currently, the Bombardier DHC-8-400 or Q400 is the only edition of the Q Series in the game. The DHC-8-200 is an important member of the CBP Air and Marine Operations fleet. It has played an important role in Caribbean missions. Please join me in voting

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

For the full information on the aircraft the CBP has a PDF file.

I have no more votes, sorry, though this is a nice Dash 8 livery


Wow, I like that livery!

Beautiful colors! So much to learn about aircraft at a young age for me :)

It is credited. Right after the photo.


I know he credited it, thanks for letting me know…

I edited the photo after he reminded me. He was helping.

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This livery is really fitting for this aircraft! If FDS does decide to add the -200 variant of the Dash 8 family, this will be an excellent addition.

This aircraft currently isn’t a priority for me so I won’t vote for it at the moment. Great request, nonetheless. :)

I LOVE this aircraft and livery! :)

Want to bump this again. It is such a beautiful livery and an important asset to the US Custom and Border Protection!

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What??? I didn’t know we had one of those.

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Same here. Livery looks very nice! Hopefully these beautiful planes are being put to use!


In the article that I attached, it said that they are mainly used for indiction of maritime smuggling, but can also be converted to and all pax or all cargo version, making it a very important multi-role asset.

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I just realized how useful this would be in global. You could patrol over some of the beautiful American lands.

It would be cool to have just might have to vote for this

As this agency is becoming more and more of an essentially part of protecting the US from illegal immigration and drug smuggling, I think it would be a great integration into the game!

wanted to bring this back up and see what you all thought!

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