US Coast Guard - Infinite Flight

Hello, welcome to the new and official USCG-IF VA topic, approved by @Ben_Schenk. Here we will discuss the virtual airline, give you links, and answer some questions posed in the last topic.


Why did you start the USCG-IF?:
I like the C-130J, and it seems to be a relatively easy aircraft to fly. A lot of airports have USCG spots in them and we now have a USCG livery for the C-130. I figured that we could have a VA that models the USCG.

What does the USCG-IF do?:
We primarily fly patrols along the coasts of the US. Our patrols are a great way to build hours and experience. We can get 1000 experience from one patrol flight in Hawaii. We also comprehensively train our pilots and continue their training the whole time they are in the VA.

Where do you fly?:
We fly in New York, Southern Florida, Southern California, and Hawaii.

Is it structured like the US military?
Not exactly. We do use a chain of command, and we have wings, squadrons, and flights. We also use NCOs, Cadets, Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains.



@Sam_S : Do you have an actual website besides slack?
Answer: Yes, we do! It was in development at the time of the question and is now published. The link is above!

@Robertdiaz123 : This looks close to IFES?
Answer: We focus more on the patrol and we do not offer escorts on request, we intercept aircraft we feel are not following the rules. We have no official grounds over them but it’s a good practice.

@Overspeed and @Tom-Bonfield : 100 hours to become an interceptor pilot!?
Answer: 100 hours is a little more than 50 patrol flights in SoFlo or Hawaii. That’s if you choose the long range patrols. Besides, we continually train and don’t go point-to-point, so you don’t need 200 half hour flights to get to this.

@Ace_Gaming and @Tom-Bonfield : 5-hour training course? Not appealing.
Answer: Our 5-hour course is broken into several segments including take-off and landing practice, navigational flights, and ATC practice. There is a 5-hour minimum with a 2.5 hour certification flight (I haven’t tested the certification flight yet, it might be shorter, it might be longer).

How long is a typical patrol?
Answer: I just tested this out. In Hawaii it is 2.4 hours, same for SoFlo, and as for SoCal it should be less than 2 hours and New York should be around 1.5 hours.

Is there a minimum requirement to join?
Answer: Thanks to our comprehensive training program led by myself, I can make sure that every pilot is ready for the field when they start patrols, and can repeat parts of the training if I deem it necessary.

How long is training?
We have a minimum of 5 hours for basic training in a Cessna C208. These flights are taken in the SoCal region. You also need to pass the certification test, a flight from KNXP-KPMD-KNZY-KNKX-KNXP. The flight should take anywhere from 2.25 hours to 3 hours depending on ATC traffic in these airports. Originally this was supposed to include KSAN but that probably would increase the time too much. After passing the certification test we move you to the C-130J Super Hercules. We fly a few training missions in the SoFlo region including a simulated operation. Once you pass the C-130 type test we do an orientation flight in the region chosen by you and after that you are free to fly your very own patrol. We guarantee at least 7.25 hours before you even try the C-130 for us, so you know you will build your experience. After C-130 training my initial estimate will put you around 15 hours for your total time before starting patrols. Each patrol is designed to be from 1-3 hours long.

More questions to be answered as they are asked. Thanks!


Best of luck from British Airways Virtual and thanks for keeping our aircraft safe ! :)

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Good luck with your VA 😀

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This has so much potential. It needs a few updates though


Thank you all!


Good Luck from Etihad Virtual!


Your website looks great, best of luck from NetJets!

i tried to join but the link doesn’t work

Try the Join Here button.

is the username supposed to be the IFC name

Whatever your IF name is.

Doesn’t matter. Seriously if you really think someone is going to sit on their phone for 5 hours for a Virtual airline. Than sorry, but you’ve got another thing coming…Im really sorry if it sounds harsh.

So you have less than 5 hours total right now? Oh, so you have spent 5 hours on your phone flying. It’s basically the same thing. Whenever you can, you fly. The longest training session we have is 1 hour.

Good job mate, liking this VA, best of luck for the future

My apologies. I misunderstood what you were saying. I thought you meant five hours straight when you were testing. Won’t happen again :)

No problem. I just tried the certification test for our airline and it’s gonna be about 2.5 hours like I expected. I flew at 160kts with one approach, touch, and go each time. That’s gonna be the longest flight we ever have in training.

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Good luck from Asiana!

He’ll add me to this! Love the coast guard!

Is this VA still active? I submitted an application but got no response.

I didn’t know if anybody was going to keep it running. Because I really want the opportunity to fly for them.