US Coast Guard C130 @ KPGD

Was hanging out and heard a plane, didnt expect this. Came by around again, doing some patterns I assume.


I bet it’s different from the daily Allegiant aircraft!


Lol it was definitely nice to see something other than 320s and the occasional MD80

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Warm weather and cool planes? Wanna switch places with me here in Pittsburgh?

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Yep, that confimrs it. I once heard a loud propeller plane, and looked up and saw what looked like a C-130. I couldn’t see the livery however. It does make sense since I live in the DC area. Alot of military bases are around there I believe.

Do you live near the coast? Doesn’t look like it from the picture…but why else would there be a Coast Guard?

That airport is near the coast

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The coast guard is a lot more active than you think. Especially coastal bases. Maybe not C-130s as much as MH-60’s, but still very active. Probably just doing flight training in this case.


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