US Coast Guard Alaska rescues 11.

What a great day for some really cool videos!

A Turbine Otter crashed here in Alaska, 11 onboard and all survived, here is the US Coast Guard video hoisting them into their MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter.


@Joseph_Krol I was just about to tag you saying “More awesome helicopters” lol


Why did the pane go down (excuse me if it says in the article didn’t read it)

They’re currently investigating that at this time

Ok thank you! Do you know what airline it flew for? Hoping it’s not era.

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Yes, it was Taquan Air.

Era doesn’t exist out here anymore. Era (Fix wing) was sold in 2009 and rebranded to Ravn in 2014, and Era Helicopters left the State probably about 2 - 3 months ago?

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