US cargo plane skids off runway while taking off at Incheon airport


A U.S. cargo plane belonging to UPS stands on a runway of Incheon international Airport after making an emergency landing on Monday at 10: 45 p.m. / Yonhap

A U.S. cargo plane belonging to UPS skidded off the runway while speeding up to take off at Incheon International Airport on Monday night at 10:45 p.m.

One pilot and three crew members were on board. None was injured in the accident. The plane, flight UPS 5X61, was scheduled to fly to Alaska.

As of Tuesday 7 p.m, the plane is being held on runway 1 for investigation. The airport’s two other runways are operating normally.

The cause of the emergency has not determined yet. However, investigators believe that a malfunctioning landing gear caused the accident.

“Flights won’t be affected by the incident because of the two other runways,” an airport official told The Korea Times. “We checked the other runways for any problems due to the accident, but they are okay.”

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said it has launched an official probe.

“An investigation panel is inspecting the case, and a separate government-led team is preparing to tow the damaged aircraft,” the ministry said in a release. “It will take three months to restore the airport facilities damaged from the accident.”

The plane will be towed down the runway after the on-site investigation is concluded


Good thing nobody was injured. Bad thing the MD-11 was involved.

I wouldn’t say “stands on the runway”, but sure.



@NatIsrael972 doesn’t it remind you of @Thomas_Thuta 😂

I’m sorry :P

You don’t basket… I didn’t reply as I felt like there was nothing worth for me to reply cuz my replies are always either savage or sarcastic lol

Why is it always the MD-11 / DC-10? Such beautiful aircraft, but so many problems. ;-;


Looks can be deceiving… The infamous problem about the MD-11 is that it bounces when on touchdown, Death at Narita, remember?


Yeah… :/

Oh yes, I forgot to say this…

I like the MD-11 a lot! Saw a real one for myself when FedEx still had MD-11Fs flying here to WSSS

When it took off, the Viewing Gallery’s window was simply vibrating crazily!

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I saw an MD-11 once as well. I was on the JFK Airtrain and I saw an MD-11. I think it was all white, so it could’ve just been a MD-11 getting put out of service or getting repainted. I dunno.

Good for you that you’ve seen a MD-11… I’ve seen the MD-11F, which is a converted MD-11 😱

I’ve never really seen the passenger version for real before lol

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Well I saw it for like 2 seconds. I don’t remember if it had windows…

I think even the Freighter version has a few windows or so

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