US Bangla Air Crash ATC audio

So as I listened to this audio, it becomes abundantly clear that the communications between the pilots of this flight and the Air Traffic Controllers was spotty at best. I believe that, based on the audio, there is some training deficiencies with the ATCs as well as the pilots and that more could have and should have been done. It was clear that the flight in question was lined up for the wrong runway at Appx 1:25 in the video. It seems like the pilot thought he was lined up for 02 when he was really lined up for 20. This is a huge mix up that I believe a well trained pilot would not have made. Please let me know your opinions below.


I suppose the visibility may have been low.

As the pilot, I would not have landed due to the obvious confusion. I would have waited till the controllers got their crap together. The controllers seemed to not have a plan in this situation. The lack of communication and awareness in this situation caused fatalities.

What do you think @Tyler_Shelton? What would you do if you were controlling?

I thought the same thing when I saw it come out. It appeared as if they were confused about 02 or 20 at first. This was even more obvious when he asks “Are we cleared to land?” I think once or twice.


“Go Around”
The only two words that needed to be said to save all these lives. I’ve never heard so much confusion in any ATC audio piece, ever. It seemed like neither the pilot nor the controller had any situational awareness about the aircraft, whatsoever.
Thoughts go out to the friends and families of all those who passed.


The pilot should never be doubting a situation. If he does, he should abort the landing and wait. That’s what I would do. If I’m wrong just tell me


I completely agree. You can always go around, do a missed approach, divert (not really in this situation), etc. There’s almost always a way out of that situation.


Exactly! I will be an airline pilot in the future and I wouldn’t gamble with my life and others because I am not sure. I would have announced I was going around

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I would really love to hear about this topic from the viewpoint of some IRL controllers. Do any of you care to comment?

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I agree with everyone here. There were definitely poor piloting and ATCing. There are many lessons to be learned here.

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Definitely a Lack in communication there. The tower kept changing commands. If I was the pilot I would just keep in a holding pattern until the controllers definitely confirmed what to do

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Three KEY things i picked up was:

  1. Lack of understanding between Pilots and ATC
  2. Confusion about which runway to land on, 20 or 02.
  3. Pilot was unsure whether he was cleared to land or not, although he given clearance to land at 20.

Human error is something we can’t erase, but over the past decades we’ve definitely learned from our mistakes and have reduced factors where human error is at fault. But we humans don’t always learn from past mistakes and redo them over and over again. We can and we will always try to not repeat same mistakes.

My only Question is… Why didn’t the pilot do a “Go-Around”???
In this situation where he’s confused about multiple things, in low visibility and mountainous area, well a Go Around could be the key to safety…, Who knows?


I feel the controllers had control of the situation but the pilot seemed kinda out of the space and not understanding what do.

From what I’ve gathered after watching it a few times is that the pilots were horribly unprepared. Near the end you hear the controllers clear them for 02 and 20 almost back to back… that isn’t confusion at this point. This is literally the controllers saying “you want 02, take it! You can have 20 as well. We’ve cleared the whole airport for you.” I’ve been in a similar situation where you’re just approving what the pilots saying to get them on the ground… basically whatever you need it’s yours.

That said, when it’s clear the pilots were lost its better to just issue the go around, set them up for a new approach, and talk them to the ground in the most clear, concise, and basic way possible.

I see controllers get burned all the time in these situations but there can’t be a realistic expectation for them to fly the plane too…


I totally agree with that. Thank you Tyler for the input.

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