US Army signs for new UH72s

The US Army (Go Army I’m bias so go Army once again!)
The Department of Defense has signed for 35 Lakota Helicopters. The UH72 is the Military version of the Airbus EC145.
DoD has put over 200 Million dollars into the UH72. Currently the US Army operates 338, and the US Navy operates 5 at their test pilot school.

The US Army UH72

The US Navy Test Pilot School UH72


Wow…This is a very nice plane! Go army!!!

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I generally love helicopters as they are just so elegant. I must say that this specific helicopter is just plain ugly, I’ve senn better ones myself. This is an interesting post to be honest and I’m quite aroused as to why the military has bought an aircraft from a foreign manufacturer considering their fleet is mostly American.

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It’s a very awesome looking ship! I haven’t seen a 145 up close but what I’ve been told people enjoy it!

Due to how well it works!
While the US has a ton of American built fleet, a medium lift size helicopter is what the US does not have, and the UH72 brings that to the table.

Efficiency over looks is incredibly important! I can’t believe how I didn’t take that into consideration when commenting.

Im ganna guess sarcasm? Lol

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