US Airways's A part of American airlines : US Airways last flight

Hi we are sad that us airways is closed and US airways is now and part Of American Airlines

That’s sad because US Airways has a nice and plain livery (my opinion)

Another thing:

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I thought the last cactus already flew?

It did…
[USA Today] (Tears, tales and champagne flow on US Airways' last-ever flight)

What is the point of this post? The last flight under Cactus was back in October.


This could be the last flight in the US Airways colors.

Yep, last AWE flight flew back in October. I even watched it on flightaware :)

You’re correct (I think)

US AIRWAYS :We give respect US airways is now an part of American airlines Last flight starts October 2015 Thanks for the years with us airways
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There are still lots of US Airways airbus series that need to be re-painted. IRL, American Airlines has filed for bankruptcy numerous times, and the merge with US Airways, and a new look are what is possibly saving American Airlines from becoming the next Pan American Airlines. Personally the next problem that should have all attention directed to is the flyers experience, including: safety, friendly stewards, and great customer service. This is a big issue with AA and if this problem was improved, AA could easily compete with higher end airlines such as Emirates.

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Yes there’s stills some us airways but us airways is still closed in most country’s US airways ticket is now not available for purchase in websides and Internet US airways is now painted to And new American Airlines And yes to many cuestions US airways still alive in some country’s But it’s also now and part of American airlines
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That’s sad to hear, but the last flight was a while ago and I don’t think all the US Airways liveries have been repainted.
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Luckily I got myself a couple US Airways models! Sad to see it go…