US Airways Fokker 100

Anybody remember the US Airways Fokker 100image


US Airways is gone. I don’t think the devs are going to add defunct airlines, anymore, but that’s my opinion.


Still, Cactus is well-remembered by many here, right?

Ok maybe one day it’ll come, just not now when they’re working on GF, 777 and perhaps the 787 as well

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Why was Northwest Airlines added then?

Before the excuse of the 747-200 being defunct, 90% of the Fokker operators are as well.


I never knew that they operated that model…

It was retired in 2002 I believe it was replaced by the crjs

Ik but it’s still nice to reminisce about old times

Barely. It always seemed like an obscure aircraft-airline combo. Only remember one time where I had one of those "Holy cow, a Fokker 100"and that’s it.

It doesn’t look so great in the black US Airways colors.

USAir colors are better IMO, but not much of an improvement

I say that everyday as I see one everyday.

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Come to the US. No Fokkers over here.

Well there are a tons of another type of “Fokker” that you can meet easily on any street here ;)

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The only Fokkers I know of in the US are the ones that are in the movie.

“Meet the Fokkers” If I remember correctly.

Back on topic please :)

Oh Goodness me, how could I?

Anyway I would like to see an aviation movie called “Meet the Fokkers”. Would be pretty awesome.

Lol😂😂😂😂yes you…

And Malev…
Ah, I think Australia is a bit behind if all the big airlines are operating this still (which they still do)

Yeah before they changed the name from us air to us airways they used these a lot for regional routes that the crjs fly now

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