US Airways Flight 1549 - Official Movie Trailer for "Sully"

My theatre is showing a release date of today with the first premiere at 9:20. Is this correct? I wish i could go (i could but dont want to go on a school night)

i just watched it
Amazing Movie, but i have a Question
why that small piece of Snickers is 5 dollars?

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Buy a cookie for only a dollar 🍪


I’m in the movie theater now!

Then why you posting on here if your watching an amazing movie

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Previews 😒😒

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Those are always a buzzkill

I’m going to see it later!

I’m seeing it in 30 minutes!!!

Just saw it! Didn’t really like the Backround noises, were really loud!

i agree, due that it was “IMAX”

I didn’t see the IMAX One …

i watched the IMAX one, and RIP to my ears

You know what they say: Never travel with Tom Hanks


Is it good? What’s the story lol?

#If there are any spoilers please use the spoiler function on the forum. Some of us, including myself still haven’t seen the movie.

If you need help making spoilers, please refer to the spoiler test located at →

You are worried about spoilers for a movie based on a true story? It didn’t happen all that long ago…

everyone starts to drown but the plane comes to life and saves them all and then humbly allows a man named ‘sully’ to take all the credit


Lol I know, but Im refering to any specific scenes that people may have found cool.

Just saw the movie, and I have to say, I’m honestly a little disappointed. It wasn’t bad, but I thought the acting could have been better, and I was irritated that the movie portrayed the NTSB as “bad guys,” which they aren’t. Overall, not terrible, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.