US Airways Express CRJ-700


Today I am requesting the US Airways Express Livery for the CRJ update that is to come. As many of you know US Airways did merge into AA, but US Airways had many CRJs (especially the -700). These regional jets would also be in large numbers at Terminal F at PHL and E at CLT. I believe that US Airways liveries should be added, as many people in the US relied on its on-time services to destinations around the world.

Picture of the CRJ-700 (Credits:[Flickr])

I have always loved the US Airways livery, more than some other current liveries. I really hope to see this :)


I dig it. However, I don’t think it should show up on the CRJ7 at the expense of the AA livery. Legacies need to be represented on ALL VARIANTS.

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Great request! Definently voting for this one!

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Nice request! Flew on these all the time going from BDL to CLT.


That has to be one of my favorite CRJ Liveries! :)

Hopefully we get to see this livery confirmed like the Nodica and Delta liveries.
But this livery is the best by far😉

Great request, flew this a ton on CLT-TUL/XNA… Will unvote something and apply that to this.