US Airways Express CRJ-200

Hello everyone,

Today I’m requesting the US Airways Express CRJ-200 operated by PSA. US Airways at the time and now American Airlines owns PSA Airlines which operates an entire fleet of CRJ aircraft. As of today PSA operates 123 aircraft with plans to expand up to 150 total planes.

PSA also has 35 CRJ-200 in operation. The majority of there flights are out of there biggest base, Charlotte

US Airways has a special place for me being that I’ve lived in Charlotte for about 17 years and have seen the good and bad.

I took the picture below

Great picture and request! Sad to see US Airways is gone. Also, make sure to vote for your own feature request!

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Thank you! I won’t forget, been doing some errands and haven’t had time to unvote something for this.

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We need more of US Airways beautiful Livery in IF!

You’ve gotten my first ever vote for a Livery!

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Well thank you!!

I agree, love the US Airways Livery!


Yes! This used to come into ISP all the time. I’d vote but I don’t have any left


I REALLY hope this livery gets added! I love the US Airways livery and it looks amazing on the crj200! :)

Imagine having this! :)

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Great idea love us airways on CRJ

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Used to love seeing these till US went under…

Ike I have a strong recollection of them I was like in 3rd grade, but do remember liking these)

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It would be so great to see such an awesome livery on the CRJ-200! I really hope this livery is considered! :)

Charlotte! I live in Charlotte too.
Yes, it was sad to see them go, so I would love to see it be added in IF!

This would be an awesome addition. So many memories on these birds

I used to see these along with the America West Express (the two have extremely similar liveries) at GJT before both got bought out by American Airlines. In fact the Wikipedia picture for GJT is a US Airways CRJ-200 on short final for runway 29.

New thread in the making