US Airways CRJ-900

Hey everybody! With the crj surely coming, I would enjoy having this pretty livery in this crj 900, which is the one of US Airways!

Here is the source of the image:

This livery is wonderful! Could you make sure to include a link to the image’s source in accordance with the guidelines? Thank you. :)


Yes I will add it! And thanks!

“Can’t be too sure”, looks at the polls, “Nope never Mind”


Last October, I flew on one of these from DFW to Amarillo

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I love these planes and I get to travel on them quite often out of Philadelphia to Charlotte, Knoxville and Myrtle Beach for work details.

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This is pretty nice! I never had the chance to fly on one of these!:(

Lucky you! This plane is really nice!

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we need some more US Airways stuff


I agree totally with you mate!


Can’t remember the last time I saw a US Airways CRJ🤔

Sad this never made it into the update…