US Airways CRJ-700 (Pre-2005)

With the new CRJs, I figured I’d go ahead and request this older livery that I think looks pretty nice and sleek. This particular livery was used by US Airways Express (PSA) pre-2005, but was changed following the merger with America West.

Photo credits to Fokker Aircraft on JetPhotos, link- N712PS | Bombardier CRJ-701ER | US Airways Express (PSA Airlines) | FOKKER AIRCRAFT | JetPhotos

I truly wish I could vote for this as this is my favorite US airways livery. It looks so sleek and cool and any plane, including the A330! My vote limit has unfortunalty been reached so I sadly cannot vote for this. ☹️

Anyways I SUGGEST that you’ve add a bit more info to the post as it makes it more attractive and interesting towards the reader and it can maybe convince them to vote for this! Good luck with your request!


Wow. Really stunning livery! Would love to see this in IF.

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I love the navy blue in the livery. +1

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I like it but prefer the last US Airways livery

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I’d love to see that old livery. It’s just classic and good.

Good luck

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I like this one. I always appreciated the navy blue on the CRJ’s as they typically flew the “business shuttle” routes in the northeast and I always thought this livery looked appropriately “business-y”, if that makes any sense

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I didn’t know U.S. Airways operated this type and much less this livery! Would be a good one to have since there’s no ERJ-145.

Wow, such a pretty livery!

Seeing it in black looks even better! 😎

Bump! This looks great!