US. Airways Come Back?

In the newest update by infinite flight… 20.3. We Lost Some Very nice liverys. Like NWA, And what we are talk about today… US. Airways.

Here Some Info On Us. Airways 757…

Some Us. Airways 757 Info

Us. Airways Info
Us. Airways was a lost cost airlines in the us. Have iit high time in 2011. Us. Airlines was made from American West Airlines… Us. Airways got to be a very small airlines so the join american airlines. They Hold A Feet Of mostoy airbus… they host the: A319,A320,A321,A330. And there beoing fleet: 757.

Us. Airways 757 Info
Us. Airways use they 757 for they Hawaii, alaska, caribbean, and mexico. The 757 and the a330 in there fleet help us. Airways to get big. The 757 is know from flying KCLT to KSAN. You Can always read more here… Read More Here!

Here All My Reason Why We Need The Us. Airways To Have A Come Back

A. Frist, i use the Us. Airways alot before 20.3, my frist flight of the new 757 was use the US. Airways.

B. I Dont Thick Infinite flight likes use airways… back then, this was the us. Airways fleet, A320,A321,757. So How We Only have one flight in IF that is Us. Airways

C. Its A Old Livery. They Only old livery we got on the 757 now is american airlines… NWA would also help with this

D. Werid New Liveys, I Thick there a few liverys that no one will even fly… here the list

  1. Cabo Verde

  2. EC air

  3. Ghana Interational Airlines

  4. Guyana Airways

  5. Ladeco

  6. LAPA

  7. Sunday Airlines

I Will never use those liverys, we could not had some of those liverys and had us. Airways

E. It Will open more routes in the US. We have american, united, and delta. But it would be cool to get some back airlunes with in the us to fly in the us…

That All My reason… Thanks For Reading…
Made By @IFA_YT

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I can guarantee many will fly this


Ok…, i am put out the overall idea… i look for a post and there was a post that i could see

Weird? I don’t think so.

The world doesn’t just revolve around America and not everyone who plays Infinite Flight is American. There needs to be some diversity of liveries for those non-American users.