US Airways/American Airlines pre-merger flights (CLT Airport)

Hello Everyone! I hope you all noticed that US Airways no longer exists! That is because USair merged with American back in October 16, 2015. If anyone is interested, I would like to make an awesome Live flight using American and US Airways aircraft together at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport! CLT was the hub of us airways, and if you have any American or US Airways aircraft, and are in live right now, join in ATC playground and I will be ATC handling Ground and Tower.
Grade 1 or higher
ATC playground
Aircraft required:
Any US Airways/American Airlines Aircraft (Recommended), but any aircraft/airline will do just so you can have fun!
Terminal A should house Non-US airways/American Airliners.
Terminal’s B, C, D, and E should house only (with an exception of Terminal D, as Lufthansa uses Gate D12, and jetBlue with Gate’s D8/D9) US Airways/American Airlines Aircraft with the exception I noted with Terminal D.

Thanks for viewing and if you are interested, comment below! :D have funnnn!

P.S Please abide to all instructions given to you from ATC and follow the rules so that we can all have a safe and fun environment


Really? When? I never knew!.. Sarcasm


Since October 16, 2015! Last flight was on Oct. 16 and ended Oct. 17, 2015 US Airways - Wikipedia
Join in! I’m in CLT right now, any aircraft will do, I recommend any us airways/american though.

Is this a event?

It’s a personal Event, but it’s not an official event by Infinite Flight staff. I created this to be an open event where anyone can join! so technically, its an event.

Ah! So yes! This event is from Today until July 28th. You can join anytime within the time frame. Use any US Airways/American Aircraft if you plan on joining!

I miss U.S. Airways. I loved there livery. :(

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You can join in! Im live now as ATC! You can join in as American or US Airways.

I remember I flew on them once. Here’s a photo of a US Airways A320 at LAX while I was on ground.

This was today once I landed from Houston.


Come in and join! You can be as American or US Airways. Nice photo! Love the US Airways livery.

Ok then comin’

If you plan on using US/AMR, I suggest using the gates of Terminals B,C,D, and E to make it real as possible. Thanks :D

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Woah! They put landing lights on at the gate?

No it was on the taxiway. It was busy that midnight so the pilot told us that tower told them to wait on the taxiway. One reason was that there was no gate open yet and the second one is that we were stuck between runways 25R and 25L.

Saw that A320 at Lax earlier this year.

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